Sottomissione articoli scientifici su Special Volume Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (MDPI) Advance in Sedimentology and Coastal and Marine Geology

Message from the Guest Editor

Dear Colleagues,
The objective of this Special Issue is to collect research papers in the field of sedimentology and coastal and marine geology, including seismic and sequence stratigraphy, geological mapping, tephrostratigraphy and facies analysis, both onshore and offshore. We will focus on the Italian continental margins, including both the southern Tyrrhenian Sea and the southern Adriatic Sea, but we also acknowledge research papers on extra-Mediterranean examples. The interaction of the control factors controlling the sedimentation on the continental margins, including volcanism, tectonics, sedimentary supply and sea-level fluctuations, represents another important topic of this Special Issue. Possibly, geoarchaeology in coastal sectors will provide another important research topic, also if genetically related to the sea level changes. Tephrostratigraphy, as a method to calibrate the seismic horizons through gravity core analysis, represents another topic of this Special Issue.

Guest Editor

Assistant Editor:
Alisa Liu
Email: alisa.liu@mdpi.com