Acceleration of the ocean warming from 1961 to 2022: ricercatrori CNR-Ismar su Nature Communications

Pubblicato su Nature Communications  l’articolo incentrato sull’ocean warming acceleration (metodologie di stima, incertezze, e source of uncertainty):

Andrea Storto & Chunxue Yang (CNR-ISMAR);
Acceleration of the ocean warming from 1961 to 2022 unveiled by large-ensemble reanalyses;
Nature Communications volume 15, Article number: 545 (2024)

L’articolo si basa su un nuovo dataset di rianalisi ISMAR descritto brevemente su http://cigar.ismar.cnr.it/

L’articolo è online a:

con un post sul blog di Springer Nature disponibile a:

Short summary:
The authors used a state-of-the-science ensemble ocean reconstruction to analyze the ocean heat content evolution over the latest 62 years, focusing on the analysis of the warming acceleration and its uncertainty, and the main sources of uncertainty.