Programme: Office of Naval Research – ONR

Project title: Vertical velocities and 3D pathways from Lagrangian and microstructure data

Acronym: 3D-pathways

Duration: 01/07/2018 – 14/07/2022

Total budget: € 141.555

ISMAR budget: € 141.555

Web site: n.a.


The goal of this project is to contribute to the understanding and prediction of processes of vertical transport from the surface to depth through the joint analysis of Lagrangian data at the surface and water column data from LADCP and microstructure glider.

The proposed research will contribute to the identification and characterisation of high vertical velocity regions and 3D pathways in the frontal area of interest in the South Western Mediterranean Sea. This will be achieved through the development of new methodologies and through the participation to the planning, implementation and analysis of the multiplatform experiments. The proposed work will be carried out along the following two main lines:

  1. a targeted analysis of drifter data will be performed to identify surface convergence regions with high vertical velocities;
  2. thermohaline and microstructure properties in the corresponding interior regions will be characterised using a glider equipped with a Micro Rider, and estimates of vertical velocities from LADCP data.

Contact person in ISMAR: annalisa.griffa@sp.ismar.cnr.it