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Physical and chemical oceanography

Physical and chemical oceanography

ISMAR has a long recognised experience in marine studies, both in the coastal areas and in the open oceans. Cutting-edge research is carried out by combining long and short-term observational and modelling approaches, involving both analytical and numerical tools.

ISMAR has organized many oceanographic campaigns in the whole Mediterranean sea and actively participated to polar activities with several expeditions in both Arctic and Antarctic regions, acquiring a significant capability in the management of advanced oceanographic instruments and probes, as well as in the development of methods for an integrated use of experimental data and state-of-the-art numerical models.

The Institute has participated, often as leading Institution, to several projects funded and supported by national agencies (such as CNR, MIUR, PNRA, ASI) and European/International ones (e.g. EU, ESA, ONR), which established it as one of the reference groups for physical oceanography studies.

A well established tutorial activity, mainly devoted to Ph.D. and post-doc students, helps disseminating novelty results and offers new generations of scientists an international and truly stimulating environment.
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