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Projects in progress

The CARG (Geological CARtography)

The CARG (Geological CARtography) project “Geological Maps of the Adriatic Sea, scale 1:250,000”

CSM-72-2 Project

Development of innovative ecotoxicological kit

ECOMOS Project

Ecological compatibility of ships for the "Motorways of the Sea"

TAXA II Project

Definition and standardization of methodological protocols for acute and chronic toxicity assays with crustacean larval phases

VECTOR Project / Venice

VulnErabilità delle Coste e degli ecosistemi marini italiani ai cambiamenti climaTici e loro ruolO nei cicli del caRbonio mediterraneo

Network LTER-Italy

The national Long TERrm ecological network (LTER-Italy)


An integrated research project for acquiring high-resolution morphobathymetry and producing geohazard maps of the continental margins of Italy

MED POL Project

Support to the monitoring programme of the marine sediments in the Montenegro area supervisioning and training the local research staff on the activities of sediment studies


Evaluation of incidental catch of protected species in midwater trawling

EMSO MedIT project

EMSO EedIT project


Decision Support System for Sustainable Management of Fisheries in Southern Italy

PRO.ALI.FUN. Project

Innovative Technological and Clinical Protocols for the production of Functional Foods, identification code PON02_00186_2937475
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