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Completed projects - FP6

FP6 - KM3NeT project

KM3NeT - a km3 scale neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea

FP6 - VEW project

Development and application of the Virtual Ecology Workbench (VEW 3.3) for the study of marine planktonic ecosystem


European Seas Observatory Network - Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatories for Seismogenic Hazards Monitoring in the Marmara

FP6 - PROMET project

Developing new analytical techniques and materials for monitoring and protecting metal artefacts and monuments from the Mediterranean region

FP6 - EA BIOFILM project

Electrochemical control of biofilm-formingmicro-organisms: screening, identification, anddesign of new knowledge-based technologies

FP6 - SESAME project

Southern European Seas: assessing and Modelling Ecosystem changes

FP6 - NEAREST project

Integrated Observations from Near Shore Sources of Tsunamis: Towards an Early Warning System

FP6 - ECOOP project

European Coastal-Shelf sea operational observing and forecasting system

FP6 - DEGREE project

DEvelopment of fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment

FP6 - HERMES project

Hotspot ecosystem research on the margins of European seas

FP6 - COBO project

Integrating new technologies for the study of benthic ecosystem response to human activity: towards a Coastal Ocean Benthic Observatory

FP6 - NECESSITY project

NEphrops and CEtacean Species Selection Information and TechnologY

FP6 - PREMECS project

Development of predictive model of cod-end selectivity

FP6 - SARDONE project

Improving assessment and management of small pelagic species in the Mediterranean
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