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Programme: Agreement with Southern Apennine District Basin River Authority

Project title: Scientific and technical support for the updating of the Basin Authorities Geo-Hydrological Risk Plans (PAI) and the preparation of the Management Plans for the Landslide Risk and for the Coastal System within the of Southern Apennine District Basin Plan

Acronym: PRO-DAM

Duration: 15/09/2021 - 14/09/2023

Project budget: € 2.200.000

ISMAR budget: € 750.000

Web site: n.a.

The project activities concern the analysis of the physical and geographical system, including existing and potential landslides, with reference to the territory of the Southern Apennine District Basin Authority. The different issues related to the elaboration of the District Basin Plan and the related Management Plans will be analyzed.The actions to be carried out by CNR-ISMAR in order to define a unitary framework of knowledge consist in the elaboration of different maps concerning the geological, tectonic, lithological, geomorphological and hydrogeological features of the physical system and in supporting the definition of the Inventory Map of existing and potential landslides, aimed at analyzing the susceptibility levels of the natural hazards.
The activities will also contribute to the mapping of the resources present on the soil (agriculture, forest and wooded areas, extractive resources) and in the subsoil (groundwater, mineral water, exploitation of hydrocarbons, geothermal resources) and, where possible, of the geological heritage. Finally, the implementation of the project database is planned, which will be developed into a structured database platform.

Contact person in ISMAR:


  1. CNR-IRPI (Italy)
  2. Calabria University (Italy),
  3. Parthenope University (Italy),
  4. University of Basilicata  (Italy),
  5. University of Bari (Italy).
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