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Progetti in corso TENDERS

progetto INCREASE

Innovation and Networking for the Integration of Coastal Radars into European Marine Services



progetto LATEMAR

LArgesT wavEs in MARine environment: new products for wave model forecast

progetto CMEMS TAC-MOB

Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service – Multi-Observation Thematic Assembly Centre

progetto CMEMS-TAC-OC

Copernicus Marine Environmental Service - Ocean Colour Thematic Assemblying Center 77-CMEMS-TAC-OC

progetto C3S_511

Copernicus Climate Service - Quality Assessment of ECV products ECMWF C3S_511 -SERVICE CONTRACT

progetto C3S_512

C3S_512 Quality Assurance for the Climate Data Store

progetto OC-SVC


progetto C3S_422

C3S_422_Offshore Maritime Copernicus Climate Change Service for Ship Navigation


Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring In Situ Thematic Assembly Center

progetto CMEMS-TAC-SST

Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service- SST contract 78-CMEMS-TAC-SST

progetto OC-CCI+

ESA Climate Change Initiative Plus (CCI+) Phase one - OCEAN COLOUR


Phase-0 Science and Requirement Consolidation Study – Ocean and Sea Ice

progetto ESA-OSIP-RSML

OSIP Remote Sensing for Marine Litter-Early Technology Development Scheme

progetto ESA-TRACE

Detection and tracking of large marine litter based on high-resolution remote sensing time series, machine learning, and ocean current modelling

progetto ESA-CIRCOL

Ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations

progetto ESA-PRISM

Copernicus Contributing Missions access Support Functions and platform (PRISM)

progetto 114 R&D GLO RAN CMEMS

Fourniture de Reanalyses Oceaniques Globales dans le MFC GLO- 114 R&D GLO RAN CMEMS

progetto ESA-PLP

Plastic Litter Project: Detection and monitoring of artificial plastic targets with satellite imagery and UAV

progetto ESA-WASP

Mapping Windrows as Proxy for Marine Litter Monitoring from Space

progetto ESA-WOC

ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations

progetto CMEMS-DU-LOT1

85-OD-MF-CMEMS LOT1: Dissemination Service of CMEM'S Near-Real Time and forecast Products

progetto CMEMS-DU-LOT2

85-OD-MF-CMEMS LOT2: Dissemination Service of CMEM'S Multi-Year Products
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