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Progetti in corso TENDERS

progetto C3S_422

C3S_422_Offshore Maritime Copernicus Climate Change Service for Ship Navigation

progetto INCREASE

Innovation and Networking for the Integration of Coastal Radars into European Marine Services



progetto LATEMAR

LArgesT wavEs in MARine environment: new products for wave model forecast

progetto C3S_511

Copernicus Climate Service - Quality Assessment of ECV products ECMWF C3S_511 -SERVICE CONTRACT

progetto C3S_512

C3S_512 Quality Assurance for the Climate Data Store

progetto CMEMS-DU-LOT2

85-OD-MF-CMEMS LOT2: Dissemination Service of CMEM'S Multi-Year Products


Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring In Situ Thematic Assembly Center

progetto CMEMS TAC-MOB

Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service – Multi-Observation Thematic Assembly Centre

progetto CMEMS-TAC-OC

Copernicus Marine Environmental Service - Ocean Colour Thematic Assemblying Center 77-CMEMS-TAC-OC

progetto CMEMS-TAC-SST

Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service- SST contract 78-CMEMS-TAC-SST

progetto ESA-CIRCOL

Ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations

Progetto ESA-COLOR

Cdom-Proxy Retrieval From Aeolus Observations

progetto ESA-OSIP-RSML

OSIP Remote Sensing for Marine Litter-Early Technology Development Scheme

progetto ESA-PLP

Plastic Litter Project: Detection and monitoring of artificial plastic targets with satellite imagery and UAV

progetto ESA-PRISM

Copernicus Contributing Missions access Support Functions and platform (PRISM)


Phase-0 Science and Requirement Consolidation Study – Ocean and Sea Ice

progetto ESA-TRACE

Detection and tracking of large marine litter based on high-resolution remote sensing time series, machine learning, and ocean current modelling

progetto ESA-WASP

Mapping Windrows as Proxy for Marine Litter Monitoring from Space

progetto ESA-WOC

ocean CIRculation from ocean COLour observations

progetto CMEMS-DU-LOT1

85-OD-MF-CMEMS LOT1: Dissemination Service of CMEM'S Near-Real Time and forecast Products

progetto 114 R&D GLO RAN CMEMS

Fourniture de Reanalyses Oceaniques Globales dans le MFC GLO- 114 R&D GLO RAN CMEMS

progetto OC-CCI+

ESA Climate Change Initiative Plus (CCI+) Phase one - OCEAN COLOUR

progetto OC-SVC

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