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Programme: INTERREG ITALY-CROATIA (Strategic Projects)

Priority: 1.1 - Enhance the framework conditions for innovation in the relevant sectors of the blue economy within the cooperation area – Blue technology

Project title: Developing innovative technologies for sustainability of Adriatic Sea


Duration: 2020 - 2022

Total budget: EUR 5.555.755

ISMAR budget: EUR 791.451,85

Web site:


Developing innovative maritime technologies has been identified as a priority in the EUSAIR strategy, in order to support the international growth of firms and of the economic system as a whole and to strengthen at the time integration at the territorial level.
The aim of this theme is the development of innovative technologies in the field of robotics and sensors for the purpose of improving measurement, monitoring and preventing of further underwater pollution from traffic and harbor activities as a baseline but through research and monitoring to define new pollution positions to understand what are outcomes in the future for Adriatic Sea. Using innovative technologies, the positioning of robotic data collector, the technology of data collecting and real time monitoring with possibility of using AI based prediction algorithms will be improved.
By this, it will be possible to affect on more efficient and data driven monitoring of potential further pollution and based on that taking care of sustainability of marine ecosystems and as side effect sustainability of tourism and fishery as important sectors in both Croatia and Italy. Raising level of quality in measurement, monitoring and prediction by developing new innovative technologies in robotics and sensors we are doing first step for better strategic decisions on how to prevent pollution. E-platform will be strategic platform where all collected data will be gathered and analyzed with defined algorithms for possible predictions of outcomes. All relevant stakeholders will have access to this platform and on bases of that will make decision on actions locally, regional, national and EU level.

Contact person in ISMAR:


  1. Croatian Chamber of Economy (Croatia)
  2. Regional Union of the Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region (Italy)
  3. University of Trieste (Italy)
  4. Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation (Italy)
  5. National Research Council (Italy)
  6. Maritime Technology Cluster FVG (Italy)
  7. Communication Technology Srl (Italy)
  8. National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (Italy)
  9. Ruder Bošković Institute (Croatia)
  10. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (Croatia)
  11. University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  12. University of Rijeka (Croatia)
  13. Geomar Ltd (Croatia)
  14. Šibenik Knin County (Croatia)
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