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Programme: Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology

Project title: Analysis of stereo wave imaging data for the characterization of rogue waves during extreme wave conditions, including typhoons

Acronym: KIOST 2018

Duration: 01/02/2018 - 30/11/2018

EU contribution: EUR 37,478

ISMAR budget: EUR 37,478

Web site: n.a.

Summary: Time series measurements of the ocean surface elevation retrieved from wave gauges, ultrasonic instruments or buoys at a fixed point of the ocean have limited information content, and thus do not allow for accurate observation of the space-time wave dynamics and associated statistical and spectral properties during normal and extreme wave conditions. In this project, we propose to use a state-of-the-art Wave Acquisition Stereo System (WASS) to undertake accurate offshore stereo measurements of oceanic waves in space and as well as in time. Field experiments will be carried out at the Gageocho Ocean Research Station (ORS), off the Korean coast. During the project, we shall particularly focus on the characterization of rogue waves during extreme wave conditions, including typhoons. A specific analysis we’ll be also done to characterize the directional wave distribution from the 3-D wave spectrum. The broader impact of the research proposal is two-fold. Firstly, a good knowledge of the spatio-temporal wave fields during extreme sea states (up to the typhoon scale) will allow to improve the correct parameterization of rogue waves, leading to improvements in their prediction and to a better knowledge of the local wave climate. On the other hand, this research provides the basis for a further development of WASS as an observational video technology for the monitoring of air-sea interaction processes (e.g. during breaking events or under rain) in offshore and coastal areas.

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