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Titolo del progetto: Information collection in energy efficiency for fisheries

Acronimo: ICEEF

Durata: 2010 - 2012

Budget totale: € 74'000

Sito web:


The current call for tender is related to a policy support project undertaken by action FISHREG (Fisheries Management and Enforcement) inside the Maritime Affairs Unit of Institute IPSC of the Joint Research Centre (JRC). This project is part of the work programme for action FISHREG. It is part of a number of activities in direct support of the Common Fisheries Policy on behalf of Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) of the European Commission.

JRC has developed a pilot website on energy efficiency in fisheries, available at The JRC site is accessible directly through the European website of DG MARE for fisheries. The pilot website includes reference documents and studies related to energy savings in fisheries, general information on research and funding opportunities and links to relevant EU projects, EU legislation and events, among others. Since 2010, the Project tender ICEEF (IPSC/2010/04/03/NC), financed by the Commission to CNR-ISMAR of Ancona, started the collection of additional information to update and improve the JRC website.

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  • JRC – Ispra, Varese, Italy
  • CNR/ISMAR – Ancona, Italy
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