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FP5 progetto ORION

Programma: FP 5

Titolo Progetto: Ocean research by integrated observation networks

Acronimo: ORION

Durata: 2002-2005

Budget totale: € 3.371.708

Sito Web: n/a

Sommario: ORION is a 3-year project aimed at the development of a seafloor modular network for scientific research and early warning of major events (e.g. tsunamis and volcanic eruptions). The network will be composed by a central station acting as a network gateway and 2 autonomous satellite nodes (network hosts) , even if its modularity allows to increase the number of nodes. The nodes will host geophysical and oceanographic sensors, in particular broad-band seismological sensors, gravity meters, on-the-shelf oceanographic instruments, and acquisition systems. The satellite nodes will be acoustically linked to the central station that will communicate with shore by means of a surface buoy and a satellite link. The network will be fully tested ill actual deep-sea conditions through a long-term pilot experiment in a significant scientific area, for which a partner will furnish the ship at no cost for the project.

Contatto in ISMAR:


  1. Istituto Nazionale di geofisica e Vulcanologia - Italy
  2. National Research Council – CNR/ISMAR – Italy
  3. Tecnomare SPA – Italy
  4. Technische Universitaet Berlin – Germany
  5. ORCA Instrumentation S.A.R.L. France
  6. University of Applied Sciences - Germany
  7. GEOMAR - Germany
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