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Mercury in the food chain of the Lagoon of Venice, Italy
Marine pollution bulletin. 88(1-2) 194-206

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ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 109 (8):2103-2117; DEC 2014

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ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, 109 (8):2119-2128; DEC 2014

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Record of an established population of Palaemon macrodactylus Rathbun, 1902 (Decapoda, Palaemonidae) in the Mediterranean Sea: confirming a prediction

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Planktonic foraminifera as bio-indicators for monitoring the climatic changes that have occurred over the past 2000 years in the southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea
INTEGRATIVE ZOOLOGY, 9 (4):542-554; 10.1111/1749-4877.12083 AUG 2014

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Linking Environmental Forcing and Trophic Supply to Benthic Communities in the Vercelli Seamount Area (Tyrrhenian Sea)
PLOS ONE, 9 (10):10.1371/journal.pone.0110880 OCT 24 2014

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PLOS ONE, 9 (9):10.1371/journal.pone.0107261 SEP 16 2014

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Large-eddy simulation of an offshore Mediterranean area
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Role of calpain-1 in the early phase of experimental ALS

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Effects of elevated temperature on the toxicity of copper and oxytetracycline in the marine model, Euplotes crassus: A climate change perspective
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Factors influencing the deterioration of the carapace surface during the moult cycle of Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758)
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Bioremediation in marine ecosystems: a computational study combining ecological modeling and flux balance analysis.
Frontiers in genetics, 5, pp.:319, DOI:10.3389/fgene.2014.00319, 2014

Penna, P.; Paoletti, N.; Scarcella, G.; Tesei, L.; Marini, M.; Merelli, E.     AN
DISPAS: An Agent-Based Tool for the Management of Fishing Effort
Edited by: Counsell, S; Nunez, M
Conference: 11th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM) Location: Madrid, SPAIN Date: SEP 23-27, 2013. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND FORMAL METHODS  Book Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8368, 362-367,  2014

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The East Greenland Spill Jet as an important component of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

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The origin of Lake Cheko and the 1908 Tunguska Event recorded by forest trees
26 (6):440-447; 10.1111/ter.12118 DEC 2014

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Transcriptome of the Deep-Sea Black Scabbardfish, Aphanopus carbo (Perciformes: Trichiuridae): Tissue-Specific Expression Patterns and Candidate Genes Associated to Depth Adaptation

Early life history timings in marbled rockcod (Notothenia rossii) fingerlings from the South Shetland Islands as revealed by otolith microincrement
Barrera-Oro, E; La Mesa, M; Moreira, E     AN
POLAR BIOLOGY, 37 (8):1099-1109; 10.1007/s00300-014-1503-0 AUG 2014

Microwave-induced low temperature pyrolysis of macroalgae for unprecedented hydrogen-enriched syngas production
Bermudez, JM; Francavilla, M; Calvo, EG; Arenillas, A; Franchi, M; Menendez, JA; Luque, R     LE
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Thermohaline staircases in the western Mediterranean Sea
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Submesoscale dispersion in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon spill
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HYMEX-SOPI The Field Campaign Dedicated to Heavy Precipitation and Flash Flooding in the Northwestern Mediterranean
Authors: Ducrocq, V; Braud, I; Davolio, S; Ferretti, R; Flamant, C; Jansa, A; Kalthoff, N; Richard, E; Taupier-Letage, I; Ayral, PA; Belamari, S; Berne, A; Borga, M; Boudevillain, B; Bock, O; Boichard, JL; Bouin, MN; Bousquet, O; Bouvier, C; Chiggiato, J; Cimini, D; Corsmeier, U; Coppola, L; Cocquerez, P; Defer, E; Delanoe, J; Di Girolamo, P; Doerenbecher, A; Drobinski, P; Dufournet, Y; Fourrie, N; Gourley, JJ; Labatut, L; Lambert, D; Le Coz, J; Marzano, FS; Molinie, G; Montani, A; Nord, G; Nuret, M; Ramage, K; Rison, W; Roussot, O; Said, F; Schwarzenboeck, A; Testor, P; Van Baelen, J; Vincendon, B; Aran, M; Tamayo, J                             VE

Multidisciplinary analyses to understand the tectonic activity and the evolution of the North Fault Anatolian in the Hersek Peninsula (izmit Gulf, Turkey)
Authors: Forte, E; Sugan, M; Del Ben, A; Pipan, M; Gasperini, L; Kurt, H      BO
BOLLETTINO DI GEOFISICA TEORICA ED APPLICATA, 55 (3):589-616; 10.4430/bgta0122 SEP 2014

Delta growth and river valleys: the influence of climate and sea level changes on the South Adriatic shelf (Mediterranean Sea)
Maselli, V; Trincardi, F; Asioli, A; Ceregato, A; Rizzetto, F; Taviani, M      BO-VE
QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 99 146-163; 10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.06.014 SEP 1 2014

Gamete cryobanks for laboratory research: Developing a rapid and easy-to-perform protocol for the cryopreservation of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lmk, 1816) spermatozoa
Fabbrocini, A; D'Adamo, R; Pelosi, S; Oliveira, LFJ; Silvestri, F; Sansone, G     LE
CRYOBIOLOGY, 69 (1):149-156; 10.1016/j.cryobiol.2014.06.009 AUG 2014

Testing the saprobity hypothesis in a Mediterranean lagoon: Effects of confinement and organic enrichment on benthic communities
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Coccolithophores as proxy of seawater changes at orbital-to-millennial scale during middle Pleistocene Marine Isotope Stages 14-9 in North Atlantic core MD01-2446
Marino, M; Maiorano, P; Tarantino, F; Voelker, A; Capotondi, L; Girone, A; Lirer, F; Flores, JA; Naafs, BDA      BO
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A review of studies on corrosion of metals and alloys in deep-sea environment
Traverso, P; Canepa, E     GE
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Observations of a phytoplankton spring bloom onset triggered by a density front in NW Mediterranean
Olita, A; Sparnocchia, S; Cusi, S; Fazioli, L; Sorgente, R; Tintore, J; Ribotti, A    TS
OCEAN SCIENCE, 10 (4):657-666; 10.5194/os-10-657-2014 2014

Hydrographic situation during cruise M84/3 and P414 (spring 2011) in the Mediterranean Sea
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The Mediterranean is becoming saltier
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The carbon budget in the northern Adriatic Sea, a winter case study
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The oceanic response of the Turkish Straits System to an extreme drop in atmospheric pressure
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Do lagoon area sediments act as traps for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons?
Marini, M; Frapiccini, E     AN
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Ecological Shifts in Mediterranean Coralligenous Assemblages Related to Gorgonian Forest Loss
Ponti, M; Perlini, RA; Ventra, V; Grech, D; Abbiati, M; Cerrano, C    BO
PLOS ONE, 9 (7):10.1371/journal.pone.0102782 JUL 23 2014

Genetic Structuring across Marine Biogeographic Boundaries in Rocky Shore Invertebrates
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Percolation of enriched melts during incremental open-system melting in the spinel field: A REE approach to abyssal peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge

Zecchin, M; Tosi, L. ; Caffau, M; Baradello, L; Donnici, S   VE  
Sequence stratigraphic significance of tidal channel systems in a shallow lagoon (Venice, Italy).
HOLOCENE, 24 (6), 646-658.   2014

Cartes, JE; Fanelli, E; Kapiris, K; Bayhan, YK; Ligas, A ; Lopez-Perez, C ; Murenu, M; Papiol, V; Rumolo, P ; Scarcella, G
Spatial variability in the trophic ecology and biology of the deep-sea shrimp Aristaeomorpha foliacea in the Mediterranean Sea.

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