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Gauchery Tugdual

Gauchery Tugdual


Early Stage Researcher, PhD student
International Master of Science Marine Geosciences, 2016, University of Bremen
Professional Technician degree in Geology (B. Sc.), 2013, LaSalle Beauvais

CNR - ISMAR - Sede Secondaria di Bologna, Via Gobetti, 101 – 40129 Bologna, Italy

Phone +39 051 6398943


He will try to identify the different mechanisms of failure by reconstructing the slide dynamics, then will apply numerical models with the focus on the structure of the landslides coupling to tsunamis generation and will make a model of risk and damage scenarios on marine infrastructures. He is devoted in marine geology, participated in several oceanographic cruises both in the Baltic and in the  Mediterranean sea for scientific purposes and offshore exploration. He started  to investigate contourites in the north of Bornholm (Baltic Sea) through multichannel seismic reflection as well as sediment echosounding methodology and then study the coastal erosion of Sylt Island (Germany) with georectified beach camera images. Recently, his master thesis was to analyse pore water samples from an osmotic sampler (Marum) correlated to the temperature and the pressure data from a piezometer (Ifremer) in and outside the Nice airport 1979's scar. The aim was to detect if since the 1979's incident, the submarine groundwater discharge has been deviated towards the scar and what effect this would have on the stability of the margin.



  • Master Thesis at Marum (Germany) : "Side effects of the 1979 landslide (Nice, France) on submarine groundwater discharge and its consequences" (supervisors: Prof. Dr. Achim Kopf, PD Dr. Matthias Zabel)
  • Participated in the Expedition POS500 on the research vessel Poseidon – Measurements and sampling for Master Thesis
  • Participated in the Expedition AL464–LEG2 on the research vessel ALKOR – Advanced marine geophysical survey
  • Geoscientific project : “Analysis of Bunkerhill Beach morphodynamics based on camera footage (Sylt Island, Germany)” (supervisor: PD Dr. Christian Winter)
  • Bachelor Thesis at Ifremer (France): "Geochemical and mineralogical study of the world major rivers sediments". (supervisors : Joël Etoubleau, Dr. Olivier Pourret, Dr. Olivier Bain)


  • Involve into the Innovative Training Network Marie Curie Actions with the European Commission for the SLATE project on the Submarine Landslides and their impact on European continental margins.
  • Kopf, A., Timo Fleischmann, Tugdual Gauchery, Gerrit Meinecke, Jens Renken, Ulli Spiesecke, Nikolas Stange, David Völker, Till von Wahl, Stefan Wenau, Christian Wittauer, Ting-Wei Wu., 2016. Report and preliminary results of R/V Poseidon cruise Pos500 “LISA”: Ligurian Slope AUV mapping, gravity coring and seismic reflection. Berichte aus dem MARUM und Fachbereich Geowissenschaften der Univ.  Bremen, No. 312, 62 pp. (ISSN 2195-9633)
  • Bayon, G., Toucanne, S., Skonieczny, C., André, L., Bermell, S., Cheron, S., Dennielou, B., Etoubleau, J., Freslon, N., Gauchery, T. and Germain, Y., 2015. Rare earth elements and neodymium isotopes in world river sediments revisited. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 170, pp.17-38.
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