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Villa Carla

Villa Carla

1976: Maturità Scientifica, 1982: Technology and Business Administration Course (1500 hours) - 14 years of administrative experience in the private sector - 13 years experience c/o CNR La Spezia (from 15.4.1997 to present) as CTER VI lev.

Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council
ISMAR-CNR, Forte S.Teresa, Pozzuolo di Lerici, La Spezia Italy

Phone +39 0187 1788904/900


Head of: Scientific and Institute Secretariat, Informatic Protocol, Personnel Management; administrative and technical support since 2002, from 1.2.2008 Administrative Secretary (Management Plans, Missions, Accounting and VAT) Bursar support since 2003; Reportings of National and International Projects since 2005. Contact for Employment Centre, procedures GEDAP and EL.DA.

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