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Vetrano Anna

Vetrano Anna

MSc degree, summa cum laude, in Physical Oceanography, 1991, “Partenope”, University of Naples (ex I.U.N.), Italy.
Fellowship in Physical Oceanography, 1994, OGS, Trieste, Italy.
Research Assistant in Oceanography, 1997, NCSU, Raleigh, NC, USA

Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council
ISMAR-CNR, Forte Santa Teresa, 19036 Pozzuolo di Lerici (SP) Italy

Phone +39 0187 1788917


Anna Vetrano developed her research in the field of physical oceanography applied to the study of the dynamical processes affecting the circulation at large and small scales, both in the Mediterranean and in oceanic continental margins (Mid-Atlantic Bight), with particular attention at  fluxes of mass and heat through straits and channels (Sicily Strait, Corsica Channel, Otranto Strait). She has developed operational skills in field activities and has gained a primary expertise in both acquisition and processing of in situ oceanographic data upon a wide variety of measurement platforms.

Other fields of interest are:

  • Implementation and application of the Inverse Box Model (IBM) (usually employed to estimate the world ocean general circulation and fluxes) to basin-scale hydrological data by means of an integrated use of heterogeneous oceanographic data. The model has been proficiently exploited in the central Mediterranean region, in the western Mediterranean and in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • Study of physical processes that may condition/enhance the biological activities in particular maritime areas as canyons, frontal zones, sea mountains, and their possible correlation with presence of marine mammals (Liguro-Provencal Basin, the so-called “Santuario dei cetacei”)
  • Development of data management technologies in Oceanography, in collaboration with the engineering faculty of the University of Pisa.

Involved in both national and international projects; among them:

  • SINAPSI (Seasonal and INterannual and decAdal variability of the atmosPhere, oceanS and related marIne ecosystem);
  • VECTOR (Vulnerability of the Coasts and the Italian sea ecosystems to the climatic changes and them role in the cycles of the Mediterranean carbon);
  • KM3NeT (Designed study for a Deep Sea Facility in the Mediterranean for Neutrino Astronomy and Associated Sciences;
  • SOLMAR (Sound Oceanography Living MArine Resources) in collaboration with NURC (NATO Undersea Research Centre);

Scientific coordinator of the Environmental monitoring of the wreck of the VLCC Haven.

Participation to more then 20 oceanographic cruise (1988-2003) in the Mediterranean Sea.

Constant collaboration with several Italian Universities (Pisa, Naples, Genova) giving contribution to the tuition of thesis works as official tutor.

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