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Tosi Luigi

Tosi Luigi

Research Scientist.
Laurea degree in Geological Sciences, 1991, University of Padova.
Research fellow holder on Applied and Environmental Coastal Geology, 1992-1994, ISDGM-CNR.
Guest Investigator at the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution, in 2000.

ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine-Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venezia

Phone +39 041 2407949


He has carried out researches for more than 17 years in Applied and Environmental Coastal Geology. His main research theme is hydro-morpho-geological processes in coastal areas with emphasis on land subsidence, both natural and human-induced, and salt water intrusion. Additional interests in: Late Quaternary geology and understanding the human-induced impact on coastal and marine environments during the Holocene, and in particular the Anthropocene. His main field work area is the Northern Adriatic coast. Others study areas are in China, Argentina, Perù and Spain.

  • Responsible for 20 scientific projects within more than 40 research participations, e.g. ISES, CARG, BRENTA, IRMA, INLET, CORILA3.16, INTE, ERA, INLET-NET, SHALLOWS.
  • Director of the “Venezia” and “Chioggia-Malamocco” Geologic Sheets in the framework the Italian Geologic Cartographic Project (CARG).
  • PI within the TerraSAR-X research (German Aerospace Center - DLR): Assessing vertical movements of natural tidal landforms and anthropogenic structures at the Venice Lagoon inlets.
  • PI within the COSMO-SkyMed AO (Italian Space Agency - ASI): Land movements in the Venice Lagoon: measuring the natural/regional and anthropogenic/local components by SAR Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA) Project.
  • Responsible for geologic studies on the coastal area of Trujillo within the 2007-2011 Scientific collaboration agreement between the Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR, Venice), the Antenor Orrego University (Trujillo, Perù) and the National University of La Plata (La Plata, Argentina).
  • 2008-2010 S&T Bilateral Agreement between the National Research Council and the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Responsible for the “An integrated monitoring and management approach of hydrologic processes in coastal ecosystems for understanding the relationship between continental and marine waters in Yantai (China) and in Venice (North Adriatic Sea, Italy) areas” Project.

He wrote about 200 scientific publications (30 papers in ISI journals).

  • Viezzoli, A., Tosi, L., Teatini, P., Silvestri, S., 2009. Surface water-groundwater exchange in transitional coastal environments by airborne electromagnetics: the Venice Lagoon example. Geophysical Research Letters, in press
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