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Tamburrino Stella

Tamburrino Stella

PhD in Marine Science and Engineering (UNINA, 2009)
Degree in Geology cum laude (UNINA, 2004)

ISMAR - Sezione di Napoli Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR Calata Porta di Massa, Porto di Napoli 80133 Napoli ITALY fax +39 081 5423888

Phone +39-081-5423832


Geochemistry, Integrated stratigraphy, Tephrostratigraphy, Tephrochronology, Age modelling, Marine exploration


ORCID Profile

  • S. Tamburrino, S. Passaro, M. Barsanti, A. Schirone, I. Delbono, F. Conte, R. Delfanti, M. Bonsignore, Ma Del Core, S. Gherardi, M. Sprovieri, 2019. Pathways of inorganic and organic contaminants from land to deep sea: The case study of the Gulf of Cagliari (W Tyrrhenian Sea). Science of The Total Environment, 647, 334-341. DOI: ISSN 0048-9697, IF 4.610
  • P. Rumolo, M. Carannante, S. Gherardi, S. Tamburrino, M. Vallefuoco, R. Migliaccio, C. D’Argenzio, M. Barra, 2017. Measuring Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Mytilus galloprovincialisto elucidate the Sources of Organic Matter in three different nearshore marine environments. Journal of Coastal Research 33(5), 1172-1181. DOI: ISSN 0749-0208, IF 0.915
  • Cuoco, E., Minissale, A.A., Di Leo, M., Tamburrino, S., Iorio, M., Tedesco, D., 2017. Fluid Geochemistry of the Mondragone hydrothermal systems (southern Italy): water and gas composition versus geostructural setting. International Journal of Earth Sciences 1-16. DOI: ISSN: 1437-3254; IF 2.133
  • S. Tamburrino, Insinga D.D., Pelosi N., Kissel C., Laj C., Capotondi L., Sprovieri M., 2016. Tephrochronology of a ~ 70 ka-long marine record in the Marsili Basin (southern Tyrrhenian Sea). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 237, 23-39. DOI: ISSN: 0377-0273; IF 2.543


  • S. Passaro, S. Tamburrino, M. Vallefuoco, S. Gherardi, M. Sacchi, G. Ventura, 2016. High-resolution morpho-bathymetry of the Gulf of Naples (scale 1:50.000), Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea. Journal of Maps 12, 203-210. DOI: ISSN:1744-5647;IF: 1.193


  • S. Innangi, S. Passaro, R. Tonielli, G. Milano, G. Ventura, S. Tamburrino, 2016. Seafloor mapping using high-resolution multibeam backscatter: The Palinuro Seamount (Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea). Journal of Maps, 12(5), 736-746. DOI:;IF: 1.193


  • Paoletti V., Passaro S., Fedi M., Marino C., TamburrinoS., Ventura G., 2016. Sub-circular conduits and dikes offshore the Somma-Vesuvius volcano revealed by magnetic and seismic data. Geophisical Research Letters 9544-9551.DOI: ISSN: 1944-8007; IF 4.212
  • M. Pepi, M. Borra, S. Tamburrino, M. Saggiomo, A. Viola, E. Biffali, C. Balestra, M. Sprovieri, R. Casotti, 2016. A Bacillus sp. isolated from sediments of the Sarno River mouth, Gulf of Naples (Italy) produces a biofilm biosorbing Pb(II). Science of the Total Environment 562, 588-595. DOI: ISSN: 0048-9697; IF 4.099
  • P. Petrosino, S. Morabito, B.R. Jichad, A. Milia, M. Sprovieri, S. Tamburrino, 2016. Multidisciplinary tephrochronological correlation of marker events in the eastern Tyrrhenian Sea between 48 and 105 ka. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 315, 79-99. DOI: ISSN: 0377-0273; IF 2.543
  • Passaro S., Tamburrino S., Vallefuoco M., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Giannini L., Chiodini G., Caliro S., Sacchi M., Rizzo A.L., Ventura G., 2016 Seafloor doming driven by mantle degassing unveils sprouting volcanism in coastal areas. Scientific Reports 6, 22448. DOI: ISSN: 2045-2322; IF 5.578
  • Tamburrino S.,Vallefuoco M., Ventura G., Insinga D., Sprovieri M., Tiepolo M., Passaro S., 2015. The proximal marine record of the Marsili Seamount in the last 7 ka (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): implications for the active processes in the Tyrrhenian Sea back-arc. Global and Planetary Change 133, 2-16. DOI: 0921-8181;IF 2.766
  • Bonsignore M., Tamburrino S., Oliveri E., Marchetti A., Durante C., Berni A., Quinci E., Sprovieri M., 2015. Tracing mercury pathways in Augusta Bay (southern Italy) by total concentration and isotope determination. Environmental Pollution 205, 178-185. DOI: ISSN: 0269-7491;IF 4.143
  • Corniello A., Cerdellicchio N., Cavuoto G., Cuoco E., Ducci D., Minissale A., Mussi M., Petruccione E., Pelosi N., Rizzo E., Polemio M., Tamburino S., Tedesco D., Tiano P., Iorio M., 2015. Hydrogeological characterization of a geothermal system: the case of the thermo-mineral area of Mondragone (Campania, Italy). International Journal of Environmental Research 9(2), 523-534. ISSN: 1735-6865; IF 1,100
  • Morabito S., Petrosino P., Milia A., Sprovieri M., Tamburrino S., 2014 A multidisciplinary approach for reconstructing the stratigraphic framework of the last 40 ka in a bathial area of the eastern Tyrrhenian Sea. Global and Planetary Change 123, 121-138. DOI: 0921-8181; IF: 2,766
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  • Iorio M., Liddicoat J., Budillon F., Incoronato A., Coe R., Insinga D.D., Cassata W., Lubritto C., Angelino A., Tamburrino S.,2014. Combined palaeomagnetic secular variation and petrophysical records to time-constrain geological and hazardous events: an example from eastern Tyrrhenian Sea in the last 120 ka. Global and Planetary Change 113, 91-109. DOI: 0921-8181; IF: 2,766
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  • TamburrinoS., Insinga D., Sprovieri M., Petrosino P., Tiepolo M., 2012. Major and trace element characterization of tephra layers offshore Pantelleria Island: insights into the last 200 ka of volcanic activity and implications for the Mediterranean tephrochronology. Journal of Quaternary Science 27(2), 129-140. DOI: ISSN 1099-1417; IF 3,357
  • Sprovieri M., Feo M.L., Prevedello L., Salvagio Manta D., Sammartino S., TamburrinoS., Marsella E., 2007. Heavy Metals, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Polyclorinated Biphenils in surface sediments of the Naples harbour (Southern Italy). Chemosphere 67, 998–1009. DOI: 0045-6535; IF 3,340
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