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Tagliapietra Davide

Tagliapietra Davide

Researcher at the National Research Council since 2001.
Laurea in Biological Sciences, 1984, University of Padua (Italy)
European Master Degree in Environmental Management, 1994, (European Universities Association E.A.E.M.E.)

ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine-Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venezia

Phone +39 041 2407920


His research is focussed on the benthic ecology of coastal transitional ecosystems (lagoons and estuaries) including: (i) benthic macrofaunal population and community dynamics; (ii) bioindication; (iii) relationships between benthic ecology and hydrogeology (ecohydrology) (iv) habitat typology and classification.

  • Coordinator of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Site “Lagoon of Venice”.
  • His research team is involved in planning activity and monitoring programs committed by Public Institutions such as the National Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research, the Regional Protection Agency, the Water Authority of Venice.
  • Advisor on 10 MSc and 4 PhD thesis projects in liaison with the University of Venice, Department of Environmental Science.
  • Teaching in International Summer Schools and courses at University level.
  • Founding member of the LaguNet, the Italian scientific association for the study of coastal transitional ecosystems.

He is co-author (2004) of the Italian manual of methods for the study of marine benthos (soft bottom macrobenthos) and co-editor (2006) of the “Atlas of the Lagoon of Venice”, a synthesis of the work of a scientific team composed of a large number of scholars and researchers from the various scientific institutions of the city (web site,
He is referee for international scientific journals (including Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, Hydrobiologia, Marine Ecology, Science of Total Environment, Oceanologica Acta, Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Conservation, Transitional Water Bulletin).

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