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Stanghellini Giuseppe

Stanghellini Giuseppe

Degree in Physics, University of Bologna (Italy)

ISMAR CNR (Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council), Via P. Gobetti 40129 101, Bologna (Italy)

Phone +39 051 6398937


The elds of interests he works on are: con figuration and management of high availability Internet services, made with strictly open-source software, world wide web developing, software developing for environmental real-time monitoring, Geographical Information System, evolutionary algorithms, software for digital signal reduction and processing, software for pattern recognizing, real time visualization of digital elevation models.

He has always used open-source software, supporting preferably free and open standards.


For more than 10 years he did the management and con figuration of the major IT services of ISMAR, he currently works on di fferent aspects involved with data acquisition, data processing and visualization. His skills are concerning with digital processing of the signal, real time visualization, genetic algorithms, databases, real time monitoring and GIS. Actually he is working on a software package for real time visualization and processing of morpho-bathymetric data and on algorithms for digital signal processing of seismic data. He knows very well all major developing languages and operating systems.


An updated list of recent papers is available, when permitted, in open access

  • Russo A., Coluccelli A., Iermano I., Falcieri F., Ravaioli M., Bortoluzzi G., Focaccia P., Stanghellini G., Ferrari C.R., Chiggiato J., and Deserti M. An operational system for forecasting hypoxic events in the northern adriatic sea. Geo zika, 26, 2009.
  • Gasperini L. and Stanghellini G. Seisprho: An interactive computer program for processing and interpretation of high-resolution seismic reection pro les. Computers and Geosciences, 35:1497-1507, 2009.
  • Stanghellini G. Qmail - vmailmgr - dovecot - clamav - spamassassin - qgreylistrbl - djbdns. ISMAR Technical Report, 109:1-20, 2008.
  • Stanghellini G. vsftpd: un server ftp con accesso basato su numero ip e utenti virtuali. ISMAR Technical Report, 106:1-20, 2007.
  • Bortoluzzi G., Frascari F., Giordano P., Ravaioli M., Stanghellini G., and Coluccelli A. The s1 buoy station, po river delta: data handling and presentation. Acta Adriat., 47(suppl.):113-131, 2006.
  • Stanghellini G. and Bortoluzzi G. Daphne: A client server data aquisition and distribution software package application with load cells and accurate event timestamping on oceanographic ships. ISMAR Technical Report, 2004.
  • Mennella A., Bersanelli M., Burigana C., Maino D., Mandolesi N., Morgante G., and Stanghellini G. Plank. systematic e ffects induced by periodic fluctuations of arbitrary shape. Astronomy and Astrophysics., 384:736-742, 2002.
  • Stanghellini G. and Bonazzi C. Ltz and spz: Two automated noise rejection routine to remove noise and spikes from seismic traces. Geophysics, 67,1:188-196, 2002
  • Brighenti A., Stanghellini G., and Ventura G. Con gurazione hardware e software per il monitoraggio delle temperature criogeniche nei test termici per la quali ca dell'eccosorb come carico di riferimento @ 4k per lfi . manuale d'uso. CNR - Tesre - Technical report, 266, 2000.
  • Antodaro B., Marzo C., and Stanghellini G. Image compression and ltering with neural network back-propagation with momentum. Series in Remote Sensing, 1:181-183, 1995.
  • Taliani C., Denisov V.N., Zakhidov A.A., Stanghellini G., Ruani G., and Zamboni R. Resonant raman scattering of normal and superconducting state of a3c60 lms (a=rb,k). Springer Series in Solid State Sciences, 117:259-165, 1993.
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