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Ravaioli Mariangela

Ravaioli Mariangela

Research Director
Degree in natural Sciences, 1976, University of Bologna

ISMAR CNR (Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council), Via P. Gobetti 40129 101, Bologna (Italy)

Phone +39 051 6398905

  • Studies of marine environmental geology with experience in the study of biogeochemical processes in marine and lake environments.
  • Estimates of rates of accumulation of sediments in the last century for reconstruction of pollution in coastal environments and lakes.
  • Determining the speed of biogeochemical processes using radioactive tracers.
  • Studies of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and biogenic silica at different time scales; characterization of current processes, study of stratigraphic records and implications for global scale.
  • Study of changes in palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental stratigraphic record through the study of marine and lake sediments. - Areas of Study: Italian waters (Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, etc.) lagoon areas, polar environments (Ross Sea, Antarctic and Arctic Oceanic Zone).
  • For over 30 years she has been one of the leaders of the scientific research on Marine and Environmental Geology ; she participates, is responsible and coordinates several national and international programs for studying current and recent biogeochemical processes. She has promoted multidisciplinary researches with complex field campaigns in the Italian seas, lagoons and high latitude marine areas.
  • She coordinated the ABIOCLEAR PNRA Project, the bilateral Italy-Montenegro Medpol Project, she is Project Manager of the Ue-EnvEurope Project. She is involved as coordinator  in the following projects: FISR-Vector, Adricosm-Star, implementation of the Emma Life Project. She is partner in several European project  like MyOcean, Sesame, Ecoop. She was proposer and coordinator of EU (EMMA) and FIRB, (ANOCSIA) projects on environmental issues in the Adriatic. She has been participating in ADRICOSM projects  and ADRICOSM Partnership projects (eg , ADRICOSM-EXT, ADRICOSM-Neres) as well as Requisite and Cipe interregional projects. In June 2005, she has promoted and coordinated the Civil Service Project "Creation of environmental databases," promoted by the Cabinet of Ministers. She has promoted and participated in different projects  on the Technology transfer  like Rise (PRRIITT)  and, presently, Tecnopolo (Fesr)
  • She has contributed to the planning and organization of  the analytical and technological side of the environmental groups at ISMAR, implementing different laboratories and developing analytical methodologies (textural, radiographic, chemical, radiochemical analysis etc.). Within the Antarctic Project she is responsible of the instrumentation for  seafloor sampling and light seismic. She attended and was responsible for cruises in the Adriatic sea, lagoon areas and Antarctica. She has thus acquired skills of coordination both in the planning and leading of marine campaigns. She has promoted and presently coordinates the observational sites S1 and E1 in the Adriatic Sea and in the Ross Sea-Antarctica.
  • She is part of several Scientific Committees and Commissions, with special relevance for the Oceanography Sector of PNRA, IGBP, JGOFS, POLARNET, GNOO, LTER, AGI, Women and Science Association, VECTOR, etc. She has promoted several workshops and meetings.
  • From 1994 to 2003 she was Deputy-Director of the Marine Geology Institute, now Marine Science  Institute
  • From 2003 to april 2015 she was delegated by ISMAR Director, for the management of the Section of Bologna of the Institute for Marine Sciences of the CNR
  • She was the President of the Research Area of Bologna up to April 2015

She's author or co-author in a number of articles published by international journals and acts of international congresses; papers on national journals and acts of national workshops; abstracts on national and international congresses and  data reports, cruise reports etc.. She has been and still is co-supervisor   in degree thesis, PhDs, training scholarships and tutor in seminar and post lauream activities.


Google Scholar Profile

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