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Montagna Paolo

Montagna Paolo

Laurea degree in Geology (summa cum laude) (1999) and European PhD Label in Earth Sciences (2005) at the University of Padova.

CNR - ISMAR - U.O.S. di Bologna –, Via Gobetti, 101 – 40129 Bologna

Phone +39 051 6398913


My research focuses on the development and application of geochemical proxies for paleoclimatological and paleoceanographic reconstructions on a variety of timescale. This includes the analysis of trace elements and key isotopic systems for paleoclimatological studies (neodymium, strontium, boron, lithium and uranium/thorium dating) Over the last few years I have been mostly working with carbonate systems including shallow- and deep-water corals from the Mediterranean Sea. My research aims to address some of the fundamental aspects of the biomineralization mechanisms in corals to reliably interpret the geochemical variations within the coral skeleton in term of environmental changes.


Selected Publications

  • Remia A., Montagna P., and Taviani M. (2004). Submarine diagenesis products on the sediment-starved Gorgona Canyon, Tuscan Archipelago (Tyrrhenian Sea). Chemistry and Ecology, 20, 131-153.
  • Forli M., Dell’Angelo B., Montagna P., and Taviani M. (2004).  A new large Patella (Mollusca:Patellogastropoda) in the Pliocene of the Mediterranean Basin. Bollettino Malacologico, 40, 49-78.
  • Silenzi S., Bard E., Montagna P., and Antonioli F. (2005). Isotopic records in a non-tropical coral (Cladocora caespitosa) from the Mediterranean Sea: evidence of a new high-resolution climate archive. Global and Planetary Change, 49, 94-120.
  • Montagna P., McCulloch M., Taviani M., Remia A., and Rouse G. (2005). High resolution trace and minor element compositions in deep-sea  Azooxanthellate solitary Corals (Desmophyllum dianthus) from the mediterranean Sea and the Great Australia Bight. In: Freiwald A, Roberts JM (eds) Cold-water Corals and Ecosystems. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 1109-1126.
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  • Silenzi S., Devoti S., Montagna P., Parlagreco L., Pisapia M., Antonioli F., Chemello R., Pranzini E. (2008). Presentazione dei documentari della serie Memorie del Clima Mediterraneo: Med Archives, T Med, A Boiling Sea. Studi costieri, 15, 3-9.
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