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Luchetta Anna

Luchetta Anna

Degree in Chemistry, 1985, University of Trieste
Fellowship in Organic Chemistry, 1986, University of Udine

CNR - Istituto di Scienze Marine
Area Science Park - Basovizza - Edificio Q2
Strada Statale 14 - Km. 163.5
I-34149 Trieste - Italy

Phone +39 040 375 6873


Biogeochemistry of the marine carbonate system and its relation to the gradual CO2 increase in the ocean, due to the uptake of anthropogenic CO2. Ocean acidification, in particular. Marine biogeochemistry (biogeochemical cycling of N, P, Si, O, C in seawater). In the past, interests have concerned the cycling of nutrients and oxygen, especially in relation to primary production and phytoplankton species composition in the Eurasian sector of the Arctic Ocean or in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Additional interests in: 1) Eastern Mediterranean Transient, circulation and biogeochemistry in the deep waters; 2) hypoxia and anoxia events of the northern Adriatic Sea, their monitoring and management in the Coastal Zone; 3) chemical characteristics of the anoxic hypersaline basins (Bannock and Tyro) of the eastern Mediterranean.

  • Participated in 17 national and international research projects (1988-2008)
  • Sailed on 17 Scientific Cruises in the Arctic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Contractor in two EU projects in the Arctic Ocean: SEAS (1992-1995) and VEINS (1997-2000)
    in collaborations with AWI (Alfred Wegener Institut, Bremerhaven, germany), Institut fuer Meereskunde, Universitaet Hamburg; Norsk Polar Institutt, Tromsoe, Norway; Department of Analytical Marine Chemistry, Goeteborg University, Sweeden).
  • Coordinator of the scientific workshop “The Hydrographic and Planktological Studies during the SEAS Cruise. 14-16 december 1992, ISMAR-C.N.R. Trieste, Italy”. In collaboration with ESF (European Science Foundation).
  • Served as Reference Person for the Safety and Health at Work in ISMAR UOS Trieste, according to the Italian national law 626/94, (2001-2008).
  • She has been taking care of the biogeochemical time series in the centre of the Gulf of Trieste since January 2008  and promoted the inclusion of datasets in an international (global) observing network for both Ocean Acidification and Sea Surface Carbon Dynamics.

She wrote about 30 papers between referred journals (16 ISI), referred books (2), referred white papers (2), technical reports (8) and other journals. She has contributed to more than 45 meetings (24 international, 18 national) with published abstracts.

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  • Luchetta A., Rivaro P., Messa R., Catalano G. “Il pH dell’acqua di mare”. In: metodi nell’ecologia del phytoplankton marino. II edizione. Società Italiana di Biologia Marina (submitted)
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