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Lucchetti Alessandro

Lucchetti Alessandro

Research, PhD
Holds a PhD in Biology and Marine Ecology at the Polytechnic University of the Marche with the thesis: “Selectivity and impact of bottom trawl in the Adriatic Sea” in 2009.

Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council
ISMAR-CNR, Largo Fiera della Pesca 1, Ancona, Italy

Phone +39 071 2078828


In the last five years he acquired knowledge on fishing gear technology: particularly, his research activity is focused on trawl selectivity, on netting material properties, on the evaluation of physical impact of bottom trawl on the seabed, on the reduction of bycatch and discards. Since 2005 he is in charge of the technological training of Italian Coast Guard fishery inspectors. He was Co-examiner of master degree thesis and teacher in some courses at University and other Institutions.


Dott. Lucchetti acquired experience in fishing gear technology and participated as expert to several International Working Groups.
The main research projects

  • “Trammel and Gill Net Selectivity in the Adriatic and Thyrrenian Sea” (EC Study Contract 94/086, 1995-97).
  • ”Sepia officinalis: impact of three set gear fishing techniques in the Adriatic and the Ligurian sea” (UE, 1999-2001);
  • “Study on the mixed-species catches of rapido trawl fisheries along the Italian coasts” (UE, 2000-2002).
  • “Development of predictive model of cod-end selectivity (Premecs II)” (UE, 2002-2005);
  • “Selettività di una rete a strascico con sacchi armati a losanga e a maglia quadrata” (MIPAF; 2003-2004);
  • “Nephrops and Cetacean species selection information and technology - Necessity” (UE, 2004-2006).
  • “Development of fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment (Degree)” (UE, 2006-2008).
  • “Improving assessment and management of small pelagics in the Mediterranean (Sardone)” (UE, 2007-2009).
  • “Tartanet, un network per la conservazione delle tartarughe marine in Italia” (Prog. LIFE NATURA, 2004-2008).
  • Lucchetti A., Sala A., 2009. An overview of Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) bycatch and technical mitigation measures in the Mediterranean Sea. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. DOI 10.1007/s11160-009-9126-1.
  • Sala A., Prat Farran J., Antonijuan J., Lucchetti A., 2009. Performance and impact on the seabed of an existingand an experimental-otterboard: comparison between model testing and full-scale sea trials. Accepted in Fisheries Research.
  • Lucchetti A., 2008. Comparison of diamond- and square-mesh codends in the hake (Merluccius merluccius L. 1758) trawl fishery of the Adriatic Sea (central Mediterranean). Scientia Marina 72(3): 451-460.
  • Sala A., Lucchetti A., 2008. Low-cost tool to reduce biofouling in oyster longline culture. Aquacultural Engineering 39: 53–58.
  • Sala A., Lucchetti A., Piccinetti C., Ferretti M., 2008. Size selection by diamond- and square-mesh codends in multi-species Mediterranean demersal trawl fisheries.  Fisheries Research 93: 8–21
  • Prat Farran J., Antonijuan J., Folch A., Sala A., Lucchetti A., Sardà F., Manuel A., 2008. A simplified model of bottom trawl fishing gears with detailed simulation of otterboards. Fisheries Research. 94:  109–117.
  • Sala A., Lucchetti A., Buglioni G. 2007. The influence of twine thickness on the size selectivity of polyamide codends in a Mediterranean bottom trawl. Fisheries Research., 83: 192-203.
  • A. Sala, F. G. O’Neill, G. Buglioni, A. Lucchetti, V. Palumbo, J. Fryer 2007. Experimental method for quantifying resistance to the opening of netting panels. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 64(8):1573-1578.
  • Sala A., Lucchetti A., Buglioni G. 2004. The change in physical properties of some nylon (PA) netting samples before and after use. Fisheries Research., 69: 181-188.
  • Fabi G., Grati F., Lucchetti A., Trovarelli L. 2002. Evolution of the fish assemblage around a gas platform in the northern Adriatic sea. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 59: 309-315.
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