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Gamberi Fabiano

Gamberi Fabiano

Research Scientist
Laurea 110/110 cum laude in Geological Sciences, 1990, University of Bologna
PhD in Earth Science, 1994
University of Bologna

Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council
ISMAR-CNR, Via Gobetti 101, Bologna, Italy

Phone +39 051 6398889


Research scientist  at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Bologna of the National Research Council since 1996. He has been involved in a number of projects aimed at the collection of multibeam, sidescan sonar, seismics data and seafloor samples in the Italian Seas. He has worked on the definition of hydrothermal processes and mineralization on the submerged portions of volcanic Islands and seamounts.  He is now studying submarine sedimentary process, including the study of modern deep sea depositional systems, and their linkage with tectonics, sea level variations and basin topography. He is also working on fossil examples of deep sea depositional systems with field work being carried out in the Apennines, the Dolomites and south-eastern France. He is also carrying out researches aimed at the definition of the impact of fluid migration on subsurface sediment deformation, seafloor instability and landslide processes. He is also working on the recognition and study of the natural hazards due to the geological processes at work in the marine environment. He is ISMAR coordinator of the MAGIC project: “Marine Geohazards along the Italian Coasts”, an integrated research project for acquiring high-resolution morphobathymetry and producing geohazard maps of the continental margins of Italy. He is currently member of the ISMAR “Scientific Management Committee”. He works in cooperation with petroleum companies and other companies.


He has written more than 20 scientific papers in ISI journals and numerous out-reach articles and interviews in popular scientific news sites. He was editor of “From Seafloor to Deep Mantle: Architecture of the Tyrrhenian Backarc Basin” (Memorie Descrittive della Carta Geologica d'Italia, volume LXIV, 2004), a collection of the most recent research results concerning the Tyrrhenian –Apeninne system.

An updated list of his recent papers is available, when permitted, in open access

  • F. Gamberi (in press)
    Subsurface sediment remobilization as indicator of regionalscale defluidization within the upper Tortonian Marnoso arenacea Formation (Apenninic foredeep, northern Ialy).
    Basin Research (in press).
  • F. Gamberi, M. Rovere (in press)
    Mud Diapirs, mud volcanoes and fluid flow in the rear of the Calabrian Arc Orogenic Wedge (southeastern Tyrrhenian sea)
    Basin Research (in press).
  • G. Dalla Valle, F. Gamberi (2010)
    Erosional sculpting of the Caprera confined deep-sea fan as a result of distal
    basin-spilling processes (eastern Sardinian margin, Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Marine Geology, 268, 55-66.
  • F. Gamberi, G. Dalla Valle (2009)
    The impact of margin shaping processes on the architecture of the Sardinian and Sicilian margin submarine depositional systems within the Tyrrhenian Sea.
    Special Publication - Society for Sedimentary Geology, 92, 207-219.
  • F. Gamberi and M. Marani (2009)
    Regional geology control on the style of basin plain depositional systems in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
    Special Publication - Society for Sedimentary Geology, 92, 221-232.
  • Marani M. P., Gamberi F.,. Rosi M, Bertagnini A., Di Roberto A. (2009)
    Subaqueous density flow processes and deposits of an island volcano landslide (Stromboli Island, Italy).
    Sedimentology, 56, 1488-1504.
  • Tibaldi A., C. Corazzato, M. Marani, F. Gamberi (2009)
    Subaerial-submarine evidence of structures feeding magma to StromboliVolcano, Italy, and relations with edifice flank failure and creep.
    Tectonophysics, 469 112–136.
  • Marani M. P., Gamberi F.,. Rosi M, Bertagnini A., Di Roberto A. (2008)
    Deep-sea deposits of the stromboli 30 december 2002 landslide.
    AGU, Geophysical Monograph Series, 182, 157-170
  • Gamberi F. And Marani M. (2008)
    Controls on Holocene Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Northern Gioia Basin, Tyrrhenian Sea.
    Sedimentology, 55, 1889–1903.
  • Di Roberto A., Bertagnini A.,. Pompilio M, Gamberi F., Marani M. P., Rosi M (2008)
    Newly Discovered Submarine Flank Eruption at Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) Geophysical Research Letters, 35 , 16, Citation L16310.
  • Di Roberto A., Rosi M., Bertagnini A., Marani M. P., Gamberi F.,. Del Principe A. (2008) 
    Deep water gravity core from the Marsili Basin (Tyrrhenian Sea) records Pleistocenic–Holocenic explosive events and instability of the Aeolian Archipelago, (Italy).
    Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 177 (2008) 133–144.
  • Gamberi F., Marani M. (2007)
    Downstream Evolution of the Stromboli Slope Valley (Southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Marine Geology, 243, 180-199.
  • F. Gamberi, M. M. Marani, V. Landuzzi, A. Magagnoli, D. Penitenti, M. Rosi, A. Bertagnini, A. Di Roberto (2006)
    Sedimentologic and volcanologic investigation of the deep Tyrrhenian Sea; preliminary results of cruise VST02.
    Annals of Geophysics, vol.49, no.2-3, pp.767-781.
  • F. Gamberi, M. Marani , 2006
    Hinterland geology and continental margin growth; the case of the Gioia Basin (southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Geological Society Special Publications, vol.262, pp.349-363.
  • G. Panieri G, F. Gamberi. M Marani, R. Barbieri (2005).
    Benthic Foraminifera from a Recent, shallow-water hydrothermal environment in the Aeolian Arc (Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Marine Geology, 218, 207-229.
  • Marani M. P., Gamberi F., Bonatti E. Editors (2004)
    From seafloor to deep mantle: architecture of the Tyrrhenian backarc basin.
    Memorie Descrittive Della Carta Geologica d’Italia, (pp. 1-194).
  • F. Gamberi. (2001)
    Volcanic facies associations in a modern volcaniclastic apron (Lipari and Vulcano offshore, Aeolian island arc).
    Bullettin of Volcanology, 63, 264-273.
  • Savelli C., M. Marani, F. Gamberi (1999)
    Geochemistry of metalliferous, hydrothermal deposits in the Aeolian Arc (Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal research, 88, 305-323.
  • Marani M. P., Gamberi F., Savelli C. (1997)
    Shallow-Water Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits In The Aeolian Island Arc.
    Geology,  25, 815-818.
  • F. Gamberi, M. Marani  (1997)
    Detailed bathymetric mapping of the eastern offshore slope of Lipari Island (Tyrrhenian Sea); insight into the dark side of an arc volcano.
    Marine Geophysical Researches, 19, 363-377.
  • Gamberi F., Marani M, Savelli C. (1997)
    Tectonic, Volcanic and Hydrothermal Features of a Submarine Portion Of The Aeolian Arc (Tyrrhenian Sea).
    Marine Geology, 140, 167-181.
  • Gamberi F., A. Argnani  (1995).
    Basin formation and inversion tectonics on top of the Egadi foreland thrust belt (NW Strait of Sicily).
    Tectonophysics, 252, 285-294.
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