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Foglini Federica

Foglini Federica

Degree in Geology 2001, Università di Bologna
Master in GIS and Remote Sensing, 2004, Greenwich University (London)

ISMAR CNR (Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council), Via P. Gobetti 101 Bologna (Italy)

Phone +39 051 6398872


Federica Foglini worked from 2001 to 2003 for the G.A.S. (Geological Assistance and Service) as marine geologist involved in the geophysical and multi beam data processing and interpretation and in geological mapping. Since 2005 she is a Technologist – GIS Manager at CNR ISMAR Bologna. Her main interests are focused in the implementation and management of Geodatabase containing geophysical and marine geological data and WebGIS design and implementation in the frame of European and National projects. She is the supervisor for the acquisition and processing of Multi Beam and geophysical data for ISMAR curies in the Adriatic basin.

  • GIS manager - implementation and management of Geodatabase containing geophysical and geological data for the European projects HERMES/HERMIONE. (
  • WEB GIS design and implementation for the HERMES/HERMIONE projects and for the Geological map of the Adriatic sea.
  • Reference contact for the WebGIS of the Easter Mediterranean Sea for the HERMES/HERMIONE project.
  • GIS Manager (Geodatabase design and implementation) for the Geological mapping of the Italian Sea (ISPRA, National Geological Service)
  • Supervisor of Multi Beam data acquisition, processing for ISMAR cruises in the Adriatic sea for the HERMES/HERMIONE and MAGIC project.
  • Member of the technical group for the acquisition and processing of Multi Beam data in the frame of MAGIC project.

She is co-author of international scientific papers and she wrote several technical reports about the implementation and design of Geodatabase and GIS mapping, Multi Beam and Single Beam bathymetry acquisition, processing and mapping of the Adriatic sea.

An updated list of his recent papers is available, when permitted, in open access

Google Scholar Profile

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  • Turchetto M., Boldrin A., Langone L., Miserocchi S., Tesi T., Foglini F. 2007– Particle transport in the Bari canyon (southern Adriatic Sea). Marine Geology (Van Weering and Heussner, Eds.). Marine Geology,Volume 246, Issues 2-4, pp 231-247
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