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Cozzi Stefano

Cozzi Stefano

Laurea cum laude in Chemistry, 1993, University of Trieste

CNR - Istituto di Scienze Marine
Area Science Park - Basovizza - Edificio Q2
Strada Statale 14 - Km. 163.5
I-34149 Trieste - Italy

Phone +39 040 375 6874


Chemical oceanographic, biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon in the coastal zones and deep sea environment of Mediterranean, oceanography and ecology of sea ice in the Ross Sea (Antarctica). In particular, such interests are addressed to the analysis of production and regeneration processes, dynamics of plankton communities, uptake of nitrogen-nutrients and nitrogen-fixation, hypoxia/anoxia, mucilage phenomenon, integrated management of coastal zones, pollution due to nutrient and heavy metal discharges, effects of the loads of riverine waters, effects of climate changes on the marine environment, ecology of sympagic communities, development of analytical techniques for chemical oceanography.

  • Scholarships at Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale of Trieste (1994-1996) and at CNR-Istituto Talassografico of Trieste (1997) for activities of research projects. Temporary position as scientist at CNR (1997-2001). Fixed position as scientist at ISMAR-CNR since 2001.
  • Participation to research projects (1994-2009): Hydrodynamics and geochemical fluxes in the Strait of Otranto (CEE-MAST2); PRISMA 1 and 2; Otranto Gap EXperiment 1; PIED (PNRA); INTERREG II (EU); MATT (MIUR); ANOCSIA (MIUR); ABIOCLEAR (PNRA); SEAROWS (PNRA); NETWET 2 (EU); EMMA (EU); VECTOR (MIUR); SESAME (EU). Contracts with the Department of Environmental Sciences (University of Genova; 1996) and ARPA FVG (2007-2009) for the analysis of DOC and inorganic nutrients in seawater samples. Collaboration with “Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California” (2000).
  • Participation to several oceanographic cruises (1994–2008) on board of the vessels: N/O Urania, RV Meteor, ITS Magnaghi, R/V Vila Velebita, R/V Italica, N/O Universitatis, N/O Dallaporta. Monitoring activity of coastal waters on board of FVG and Coastguard vessels.
  • Participation to XV° (1999) and XX° (2004-2005) Italian Antarctic Expeditions (PNRA).
  • Supervisor of four thesis in Environmental Chemistry (2002-2004) at the University of Trieste, supervisor of CNR scholarships. Participation to scientific and examination commissions. Referee for international scientific journals (Limnology and Oceanography Methods, Chemistry and Ecology).
  • Participation to four advanced courses at “Abdus Salam - International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste” (2000-2009) on the biogeochemical impacts of climate and land-use changes on marine ecosystems.

He wrote 20 international papers (14 of which on ISI), 29 national papers, 2 refereed book chapters, and 51 studies presented to national and international conferences.

  • Pusceddu A., Dell’Anno A., Vezzulli L., Fabiano M., Saggiomo V., Cozzi S., Catalano G., Guglielmo L. 2009. Microbial loop malfunctioning in the annual sea ice at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica). Polar Biology 32:337-346.
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  • Cozzi S. 2008. High-resolution trends of nutrients, DOM and nitrogen uptake in the annual sea ice at Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea). Antarctic Science 20:441-454.
  • Cozzi S., Reisenhofer E., Di Monte L., Cantoni C., Adami G. 2008. Effect of environmental forcing on the fate of nutrients, dissolved organic matter and heavy metals released by a coastal wastewater pipeline. Chemistry and Ecology 24:87-107.
  • Cozzi S., Giani M. 2007. Determination of organic nitrogen and urea. In: (Leo M.L. Nollet Ed.) Handbook of Water Analysis. Second Edition. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, London, New York. ISBN:  9780849370335, pp. 367-392.
  • Piermattei V., Bortoluzzi G., Cozzi S., Di Maio A., Marcelli M. 2006. Analysis of mesoscale productivity processes in the Adriatic Sea: comparison between data acquired by Sarago, a towed undulating vehicle, and by CTD casts. Chemistry and Ecology 22(Supp. 1):275-292.
  • Cozzi S., Cantoni C. 2006. Partition nitrogen uptake in phytoplankton and bacteria using bactericidal agents and light-dependent incubations. Periodicum Biologorum 108:145-150.
  • Cozzi S., Ivančić I., Catalano G., Djakovac T., Degobbis D. 2004. Dynamics of the oceanographic properties during mucilage appearance in the northern Adriatic Sea: analysis of the 1997 event in comparison to earlier events. Journal of Marine Systems 50:223-241.
  • Cozzi S. 2004. A new application of diacetyl monoxime method to the automated determination of dissolved urea in seawater. Marine Biology 145:843-848.
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  • Cozzi S., Lipizer M., Cantoni C., Catalano G. 2002. Nutrient balance in the ecosystem of the North Western Adriatic Sea. Chemistry and Ecology 18:1-12.
  • Tavagnacco C., Moszner M., Cozzi S., Peressini S., Costa G. 1998. Electrocatalytic dioxygen reduction in the presence of a rhodoxime. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 448:41-50.
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