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Corgnati Lorenzo Paolo

Corgnati Lorenzo Paolo

Research Associate
Master degree in Telecommunication Engineering, 2003, Politecnico di Torino
Ph.D. Degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering, 2007, Politecnico di Torino

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Scienze Marine U.O.S. di Pozzuolo di Lerici Forte S.Teresa 19032, Pozzuolo di Lerici - Lerici (SP), Italy

Phone +39 0187 1788907


In 2001-2011 he has been Research Associate at Remote Sensing Group of Politecnico di Torino, where he worked on atmospheric profiles using GPS signal in radio-occultation situation. In 2005 he started his research about fire risk forecasting and forest fires monitoring and early-warning in alpine regions. He has a ten year experience in video production, as he is founder of the production company Due Monete, and in movie festivals organization, as he worked as technical director and hospitality office director at Cinemambiente International Film Festival and MonFilmFest. He is now Research Associate at Marine Science Institute of the National Research Council, where he works in 3D reconstruction of sea surface, marine waves, underwater environment and marine organisms detection using computer vision techniques and sea surface currents monitoring using HF Radars.

  • 2008-2011. Member of the Scientific Committee of International Conference on Forest Fires at il Wessex Institute of Technologies.
  • 2003-2011. Lessons at the courses “Remote Sensing”, “Propagation and active Remote Sensing”, “Avionic technologies” e “Numerical Computation” at Politecnico di Torino.
  • 2008. Lessons for the Master MOSAIC about Visual Systems at ALENIA SPACE Torino.
  • 2007. Lessons for the Master in Environmental Technologies at COREP - Consorzio per la Ricerca e l'Educazione Permanente (Torino)

He wrote 15 papers. Three papers have been published on international books and one on a national journal.

  • Losso A., Corgnati L., Bertoldo S., Allegretti M., Notarpietro R., Perona G., 2012. SIRIO: an integrated forest fire monitoring, detection and decision support system - performance and results of the installation in Sanremo (Italy). In: Forest Fire 2012, The New Forest, UK, 22-24 May 2012. pp. 79-90.
  • Bertoldo S., Corgnati L., Losso A., Perona G., 2012. Safety in forest fire fighting action: a new radiometric model to evaluate the safety distance for firemen working with hand-operated systems. In: Forest Fire 2012, The New Forest, UK, 22-24 May 2012. pp. 3-12.
  • Losso A., Corgnati L., Perona G., 2011. False alarm reduction in forest fires detection with low cost commercial sensors. Italian Journal of Remote Sensing 43, 75-86.
  • Bertoldo S., Corgnati L., Perona G., 2011. Un nuovo modello radiometrico per l'identificazione di hot spot di incendi boschivi e come strumento di valutazione delle performance dei sensori in ambienti ad orografia complessa. In: 15a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA, Colorno, Parma (ITA), 15-18 Novembre 2011. pp. 325-334.
  • Corgnati L., Losso A., Perona G., 2010. SIRIO high performance decision support system for wildfires fight in alpine regions: an integrated system for risk forecasting and monitoring.2nd International Conference on Forest Fires 2010, 23-25 June 2010, Kos (Greece).
  • Losso A., Corgnati L., Perona G., 2010. Innovative image geo-referencing tool for decision support in wildfire fighting. 2nd International Conference on Forest Fires 2010, 23-25 June 2010, Kos (Greece).
  • Perona G., Corgnati L., Losso A., Ciavoli Cortelli L., Falzini S., Palutan F., Fiorani A., 2009. Development of an Integrated Methodology for Early Firing Alarm And Real Time Monitoring. Proceedings of 33 rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment, 4-8 May 2009, Stresa (VB).
  • Corgnati L., Bertoldo S., Tartaglione N., Perona G., 2008. Use of MERIS and AATSR data in previsional fire danger index computation system for alpine regions. ESA ESRIN second joint MERIS and (A)ATSR workshop, 22-26 September 2008, Frascati (Italy).
  • Corgnati L., Gabella M., Perona G., 2008. FIREcast system - Previsional fire danger index computation system for alpine regions. 1st International Conference on Forest Fires 2008, 17-19 September 2008, Toledo (Spain).
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  • M. Gabella§, L. Corgnati, S. Turso, G. Perona, “Taratura e messa a punto di radar meteorologici operanti nel Mediterraneo mediante il TRMM Precipitation Radar”, Riunione Annuale SIEm, Torino, Italy, Sep.2006.
  • Gabella. M., Morin E., Corgnati L., Perona G., TRMM-derived range-adjustment of ground- based radars in two Mediterranean countries, Proceedings of the IEEE 2006 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Denver, Colorado, 811-814.
  • Notarpietro R., Corgnati L., Gabella M., Perona G., 2004: Modelling and Inverting GPS radio occultation signals using a physical optics approach, XV RIunione Nazionale di ElettroMagnetismo, Cagliari.
  • Notarpietro R., Corgnati L., Gabella M., Perona G., 2004: ROSA: the Italian Space Agency GPS Radio Occultation receiver. Signal tracking characteristics and terrestrial measurement campaign, IInd International Workshop on Occultations for Probing the Atmosphere and Climate (OPAC-2), September 13-18, Graz, Austria.
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