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Carniel Sandro

Carniel Sandro

Laurea cum laude in Environmental Sciences, 1995, University of Venice.
Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (Oceanography) at University of Venice, 2004

ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine-Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venezia

Phone +39 041 2407956


My fields of interest are mainly related to physical oceanography and air-sea interactions, testing and developing different hierarchies of oceanic numerical models (1-2-3 D), coupled with meteorological, wave, sediment transport and ecological modules.
This often requires a field activity at sea, where collection and first analysis, quality-check, visualization and conversion into suitable formats (e.g. NetCDF or GRIB) is mandatory. From this rather extensive experience I could also benefit from productive contaminations such as seismic oceanography, CTD and turbulence (free-falling probes) measurements.
In the last years I have been involved in projects endorsed by international organizations such as ONR and NRL, to work in contact with USGS and Univ. of Colorado colleagues, and in the training undergraduate/graduate students from the Univ. of Venice willing to prepare their M.Sc./Ph.D. dissertation in collaboration with the Institute I work in.
The activities I have been mainly focused in the last period are here summarized:

  • the understanding of processes regulating the circulation in semi-enclosed basins (e.g. Adriatic Sea), such as dense water formation, heat budget during and post severe wind storm events, air-sea interactions.
  • modeling nearshore processes, e.g. the effect of currents, wind and waves over sediment mobilization and transport. Modelling tools adopted are ROMS, POM, CU-POM hydrodynamical model, LAMI and COAMPS meteorological models, SWAN and WAM wave model.
  • the influence and relevance of vertical turbulence on mixing processes, and the consequences that turbulence may have on biological simulation, sediment transport and diving visibility (e.g. the ONR Project “Sub grid scale parameterization in 3-D ocean Model: the role of turbulent mixing”, that envisages measurements of turbulent quantities by means of dedicated probes in order to improve turbulence closure schemes of oceanic models).
  • the observation and modelling of the dynamics of the wave-breaking region; applications that may follow from this are S&R activity, but also the prediction of oil-spilled trajectories, harmful algal bloom, mine trajectories etc.
  • the field of multi-model ensemble and its potential applications to the ocean;
  • the data analysis and modelling of the hydrological properties in Antarctica regions such as the Ross Sea one.
  • P.I. and co-P.I. of national/international projects (e.g. U.S. Office of Naval Research and EU funded), collaborations with several international bodies (USGS, Univ. of Colorado,  POL, SHOM, etc.)
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the GNOO, the Italian National Operational Oceanography Group
  • Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the European Geophysical Union (EGU) and The Oceanography Society (TOS)
  • Former Italian Vice-Ambassador of the ENCORA network, Theme 9 and Focal Point of the Italian Commission of the International Geosphere Biosphere Program (IGBP-DIS)

Authors of more than 50 international papers, among which more than 30 in ISI journals or international books.

  • Rixen M., Book J.W., Carta A., […], Carniel S., et al., 2009. Improved ocean prediction skill and reduced uncertainty in the coastal region from multi-model super-ensembles. Journal of Marine Systems, 78, S282-S289. DOI: 10.1016/j.jmarsys.2009.01.014
  • Boldrin A., Carniel S., Giani M., Marini M., Bernardi Aubry F., Campanelli A., Grilli F. and Russo A., 2009. The effect of Bora wind on physical and bio-chemical properties of stratified waters in the Northern Adriatic. Journal of Geophysical Research – Ocean, 114, C08S92. DOI:10.1029/2008JC004837
  • Carniel S., Warner J.C., Chiggiato J. and Sclavo M., 2009. Investigating the impact of surface wave breaking on modelling the trajectories of drifters in the Northern Adriatic Sea during a wind-storm event. Ocean Modeling, 30, pp. 225-239. DOI:10.1016/j.ocemod.2009.07.001
  • Kantha L.H. and Carniel S., 2009. A note on mixing in stably stratified flows. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 66(8), pp. 2501-2505. DOI: 10.1175/2009JAS3041.1
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