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Capotondi Lucilla

Laurea in Geological Sciences, (1986), University of Bologna
Studies in stable isotope geochemistry (1987-1990) at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie Dynamique et de Climatologie CNRS - Université P. et M. Curie Paris
PhD in Earth Sciences, (1992), University of Parma

Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council
ISMAR-CNR, Via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna, Italy

Phone +39 051 6398876


Lucilla Capotondi has been working in the field of biostratigraphy, paleoceanography and paleoclimate using foraminifera (quantitative study and geochemical analysis). Most of her research was performed on marine sediments from Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica (programs financed by CEE, CNR, INGV, MIUR, PNRA).

Major Research topics:

1) Neogene bio-chronostratigraphy; 2) Late Quaternary high-frequency climatic cycles; 3) Paleoenvironmental reconstruction during sapropels deposition in the Mediterranean sea; 4) biogeochemical and ecological role of Foraminifera in marine ecosystems; 5) foraminifera and environmental quality; 6) particulate fluxes in the Antarctic sea.
She is involved in several science outreach activities (Project manager, scholar teacher and citizen science promoter).

Seagoing experience:
Adriatic Sea; Northern Tyrrhenian Sea and Marmara Sea.



Responsibilities (ongoing)

  • Member of the Paleoclimate Working Group of the Department of Earth and Environment (Italy).
  • Member of the Italian Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER) Coordination Committee
  • Member of the President advisory board AIQUA (Italian association of the Quaternary Researchers)
  • Advisory Board Member for the oceanographic expeditions proposal evaluation (CNR vessels)
  • Member of the Taxonomy at CNR working group
  • Head of the Laboratory of stereo microscope (ISMAR).
  • Member of Scientific Dissemination Committee at the Research Area CNR-INAF Bologna

Projects Coordination (last 5 years)

  • 2020 -ongoing: ISMAR PI of WP3-NA3 Integrated Regional Sites WG-NA: Northern Adriatic Sea – Project  H2020  “JERICO-S3  -  Joint  European  Research  Infrastructure  of Coastal Observatories: science, service, sustainability”
  • 2019 - 2021: Member of the coordination team of the Project “ECOlogical observing System in the Adriatic Sea: oceanographic observations for biodiversity (ECOSS)”. Interreg Italy-Croatia Project.
  • 2017: P.I. of the Project “Zoobenthos and fitobenthos analyses” HERAtech s.r.l Founding
  • 2016: P.I. of the project “Leviathan Pipeline Reconaissance Project (NOB012)”.    LIGHTHOUSE S.P.A. - GAS Survey & FUGRO Founding.


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