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Boldrin Alfredo

Boldrin Alfredo

Senior Scientist
Laurea cum laude in Natural Sciences, 1976, University of Padua (Italy).
Fellowship in Oceanography and Marine resources, 1978-82, CNR-Venice.

ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine-Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venezia

Phone +39 041 2407937 - lab. 839


Main field of interest is the studies on the bio-geo-chemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen; interdisciplinary researches on the processes of production, vertical fluxes and transport of particulate matter in marine and estuarine environments. Specific topics: eco-management in coastal areas and environmental protection, particle dynamic in delta and prodelta areas, particle transport to seafloor in deep seas and along the continental slope; pelago-benthic coupling and export of organic carbon in relation to production processes; atmospheric deposition of nutrients and its effects on the processes production offshore.
He carried out his research in deep marine systems and coastal areas (Eastern Mediterranean, Ionian, Adriatic and  Antarctica Oceans), in Adriatic estuaries and Venice lagoon.

  • Responsible of physical and chemical analysis laboratory on suspended matter and sediment;
  • Contractor and participant in several Italian  Project (POEM, PNRA, UNESCO-VENICE PROJECT, PRISMA1 and 2, SINAPSI, BAMO, EXPERIMENTAL FIELD 1 and 2, VECTOR, ATMOSPHERIC DEPOSITION OFFSHORE), in international EU III Framework Programme  (OTRANTO), IV FP (MATER, FAIR-ECODREDGE), V FP (EURODELTA, EUROSTRATAFORM), VI FP (HERMES), VII FP (HERMIONE), INTERREG 2 and 3. He participated to several scientific cruises, also as Chief Scientist,  in the Adriatic, Eastern Mediterranean and Antarctica;
  • Referee for several scientific journals, e.g., Continental Shelf Research, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Journal of Marine Systems , Science of the Total Environment.
  • Advisor on 5 MSc thesis in Biological Science (University of Padua) and Environmental Science (University of Venice).

Author of more than 110 publications, 34 of them in international ISI journals, chapters of books and technical reports, and of an industrial patent.

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