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Bastianini Mauro

Bastianini Mauro

Laurea in Biological Sciences, 1991, University of Padua
PhD in Marine Sciences (2006) at Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy)

ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine-Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venezia

Phone +39 041 2407982 - Lab. 999


Research scientist  at the National Research Council since 1996, now with permanent position at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Venice. He has done research work for more than 15 years in biological oceanography of pelagic, coastal, and lagoon environments. His main studies concern phytoplankton communities and dinoflagellate resting stages. Now he’s coordinating research activities in the “Acqua Alta” oceanographic few miles off Venice with special applications in telemetry and automatic data gathering with real time web publication: (

  • Pperative coordinator of line 3.13 (Climatology of the Coastal areas of Northern Adriatic) in the framework of CoRiLa researches in the Lagoon of Venice Responsible of a project
  • Coordinator of the Northern Adriatic LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) site
  • Scientific coordinator of Regione Veneto BIOTECH – CAAT (Eocological monitoring of HAB species)
  • Member of the National Commission for the Safeguard of Venice

He wrote more than 15 scientific paper in ISI journals and some book chapters.

  • Penna, A., Battocchi, C., Garcès, E., Angles, S., Cucchiari, E., Totti, C., Kremp, A., Satta, C., Grazia Giacobbe, M., Bravo, I. & Bastianini, M. Detection of microalgal resting cysts in European coastal sediments using a PCR-based assay. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography In Press, Corrected Proof.
  • Bastianini, M., Acri, F., Bernardi Aubry, F., Casotti, R., D'Ortenzio, F., Miralto, A. & Socal, G. 2004. Environmental factors triggering the late-winter diatom bloom in the North Adriatic Sea. Rapports Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée 37:487.
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  • Bernardi Aubry, F., Acri, F., Bastianini, M., Pugnetti, A. & Socal, G. 2006. Picophytoplankton Contribution to Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Gulf of Venice (NW Adriatic Sea). International Reviews of Hydrobiology 91:51-70.
  • Pugnetti, A., Bastianini, M., Acri, F., Bernardi Aubry, F., Bianchi, F., Boldrin, A. & Socal, G. 2007. Comunità fitoplanctoniche e climatologia nell'Adriatico Settentrionale. In: Carli, B., Cavarretta, G., Colacino, M. & Fuzzi, S. [Eds.] Clima e cambiamenti climatici: le attività di ricerca del CNR. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, pp. 551-56.
  • Bearzi, G., Azzellino, A., Politi, E., Costa, M. & Bastianini, M. 2008. Influence of Seasonal Forcing on Habitat Use by Bottlenose Dolphins Tursiops truncatus in the Northern Adriatic Sea. Ocean Science Journal  43:175-82.
  • Celussi, M., Paoli, A., Bernardi Aubry, F., Bastianini, M. & Del Negro, P. 2008. Diel microbial variations at a coastal Northern Adriatic station affected by Po River outflows. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci. 76:36-44.
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  • Solidoro, S., Bastianini, M., Bandelj, V., Codermatz, R., Cossarini, G., Melaku Canu, D., Ravagnan, E., Salon, S. & Trevisani, S. 2009. Current state, scales of variability and decadal trendes of biogeochemical properties in the northern adriatic sea. Journal of Geophysical Research 114.
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