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Aliani Stefano

Aliani Stefano

Laurea in Marine Biology, 1990, University of Pisa

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Institute of Marine Science U.O.S. of Pozzuolo di Lerici
Forte S.Teresa 19032, Pozzuolo di Lerici - Lerici (SP), Italy

Phone +39 0187 1788911


Major field of interest is the influence of hydrodynamic patterns on the ecosystem in extreme environments; the interplay of physical/ecological processes and the control they exert on the functioning of the ecosystems. For example the effects of physical and biological mechanisms controlling dispersal and transport across different boundaries. He participated to many cruises on board of research vessels all over the world and he’s been in charge of seagoing high tech instrumentation (moorings and oceanographic sensors) in many cruises in extreme environments as hydrothermal vents, deep sea and polar areas.

  • Member of the Steering Commitee of Ec project 950021, member of FP5 evaluation panels, coPI of ESF Eurocore project BIOFUN, Member of the Polar Committee of CNR POLARNET , Responsible of Operative Unit in the Italian Antarctic project on oceanography CLIMA and member of the projects BIOSESO and Polar Dove. coPI in Arctic projects (Strategico Artico ,Italy and Large Scale Facility, EC)
  • Co-advisor onPhD thesis projects in liaison with the University of Ancona.

He wrote about 70 papers between refereed journals, refereed book chapters and grey literature. He also wrote some popularisation articles.

  • Title: Multidisciplinary investigations in the marine environment of the inner Kongsfjord, Svalbard, at the glacier-sea interfaces (September 2000 and 2001)
    Author(s): Aliani S, G.Bartholini, F.Degl’innocenti, R.Delfanti, C.Galli, E.Lazzoni, R.Lorenzelli, A.Malaguti, R.Meloni, C.Papucci, S.Salvi, A.Zaborska
    Source: CHEMISTRY AND ECOLOGY   Volume: 20 Issue: 1   Pages: 19-28 Published: 2004
  • Title: Epibenthic communities in a marine shallow area with hydrothermal vents (Milos Island, Aegean Sea)
    Author(s): De Biasi A.M., Bianchi C.N., ALIANI S., Cocito S., Peirano A., Dando P.R., Morri C.
    Source: CHEMISTRY AND ECOLOGY   Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Pages: 89-105 Published: 2004
  • Title: Periodicities in sediment temperature time-series at a marine shallow water hydrothermal vent in Milos Island (Aegean Volcanic arc, Eastern Mediterranean)
    Author(s): Aliani, S; Meloni, R; Dando, PR
    Source: JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS   Volume: 46   Issue: 1-4   Pages: 109-119   Published: MAY 2004
  • Title: Floating debris in the Ligurian Sea, north-western Mediterranean
    Author(s): Aliani, S; Griffa, A; Molcard, A
    Source: MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN   Volume: 46   Issue: 9   Pages: 1142-1149   Published: SEP 2003
  • Title: Hitch-hiking on floating marine debris: macrobenthic species in the Western Mediterranean Sea
    Author(s): Aliani S, Molcard A
    Source: HYDROBIOLOGIA   Volume: 503   Issue: 1-3   Pages: 59-67   Published: AUG 1 2003
  • Title: Shallow-water hydrothermal vents in the Mediterranean sea: stepping stones for Lessepsian migration?
    Author(s): De Biasi, AM; Aliani, S
    Source: HYDROBIOLOGIA   Volume: 503   Issue: 1-3   Pages: 37-44   Published: 2003
  • Title: Hydrothermal studies in the Aegean Sea
    Author(s): Dando, PR; Aliani, S; Arab, H, et al.
    Source: PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH PART B-HYDROLOGY OCEANS AND ATMOSPHERE   Volume: 25   Issue: 1   Pages: 1-8   Published: 2000
  • Title: Compositional characterization of suspended particulate matter in Hellenic Volcanic Arc hydrothermal centres
    Author(s): Varnavas, SP; Panagiotaras, D; Megalovasilis, P, et al.
    Source: PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH PART B-HYDROLOGY OCEANS AND ATMOSPHERE   Volume: 25   Issue: 1   Pages: 9-18   Published: 2000
  • Title: Biodiversity of marine sessile epifauna at an Aegean island subject to hydrothermal activity: Milos, eastern Mediterranean Sea
    Author(s): Morri, C; Bianchi, CN; Cocito, S, et al.
    Source: MARINE BIOLOGY   Volume: 135   Issue: 4   Pages: 729-739   Published: 1999
  • Title: Dispersal strategies of benthic species and water current variability in the Corsica Channel (Western Mediterranean)
    Author(s): Aliani, S; Meloni, R
    Source: SCIENTIA MARINA   Volume: 63   Issue: 2   Pages: 137-145   Published: JUN 1999
  • Title: Scanning electron microscope observations on the tube of the reef-forming serpulid Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel) (Annelida, Polychaeta)
    Author(s): Aliani, S; Bianchi, CN; DeAsmundis, C, et al.
    Source: BOLLETTINO DI ZOOLOGIA   Volume: 62   Issue: 4   Pages: 363-367   Published: 1995
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