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Corsica Channel

Corsica Channel

Position: 43.025°N, 9.6833°E

WMO Code: 6101020

Deep submarine multidisciplinary station managed by ISMAR, positioned between the Capraia and Corsica island, at about 450 m deep at the sill of Corsica Strait. It provides continuous measurement over time of sea currents and thermohaline properties of water masses. It is dedicated to long term monitoring of surface and intermediate circulation and water exchanges between two adjacent basins (Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Sea). It has been active since 1985. The site is part of the CIESM Hydrochanges  project and participated in the JERICO transnational access project (EU FP7 G.A.n.262584). Since 2013, pCO2 measurements have been started at depth of 400 m as part of the PERSEUS project.


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