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ARTREEFS - Innovative tools for coastal tourism
ARTREEFS - Innovative tools for coastal tourism - Comunicato Stampa #2
“Life+ EfficientShip - The first ORC heat recovery system onboard a fishing vessel” Ing. Emilio Notti
EfficientShip (“Demonstration of an innovative ORC module to improve the efficiency of European fishing vessels”) is a European project, funded through LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance funding program (LIFE13 ENV/FR/000851).
Seminario Francois Bastardie _5_marzo_2018.pdf
Lunedì 5 Marzo 2018 - ore 10:00 SALA RIUNIONI “Modelling spatial interactions among fish communities, fishers and other marine activities: comparing five European case-studies” FRANCOIS BASTARDIE Senior Researcher DTU Aqua, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen
Seminario_Michela_14 marzo.pdf
Mercoledì 14 Marzo 2018 - ore 12:00 SALA RIUNIONI SEMINARIO “ADRIATIC UWTV SURVEYS and Pomo monitoring activity” MICHELA MARTINELLI (et al.)CNR – ISMAR Ancona
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