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Final Event: The Marie Curie Alumni Association Italy Chapter and Italian Universities meet industrial and non-academic partners
Thursday 03 June 2021
On line meeting: "Discovering new career paths ". June 3rd. 2:30 PM
Mesocarnivore community structuring in the presence of Africa's apex predator
Monday 15 March 2021
co-authorship of CNR-ISMAR (Simone Tenan). The paper has been discussed by The New York Times
A new tool to counter the fish invasion in high-mountain lakes
Monday 15 March 2021
New article on "Journal of applied Ecology" includes CNR-Ismar researchers
New seismological data from the Calabrian arc reveal arc-orthogonal extension across the subduction zone
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Co-authorship Ismar-CNR researchers. Published on Jan. 12, 2021
Invite to contribute to the Special issue
Thursday 31 December 2020
Human Footprint on the Seafloor – An Outlook from Underwater Mapping Observations. Guest Editors F. Madricardo e F. Foglini (CNR-Ismar). Dead line 30 November 2021
Decomposing fecundity and evaluating demographic influence of multiple broods in a migratory bird
Thursday 31 December 2020
A new paper on ournal of Animal Ecology by S. Tenan (CNR-Ismar) provides insight into the reproductive processes of a migratory bird and its impact on population dynamics.
Metrics for short-term coastal characterization, protection and planning decisions of Sentina Natural Reserve, Italy"
Thursday 31 December 2020
Article published on the Open access journal: 'Ocean & Coastal Management' (Volume 201, 15 February 2021)
Governing future challenges in Mediterranean protected areas
Monday 30 November 2020
Edited by L.T. Alfarè (CNR-ISMAR) e E. Ruoss (USI), the new book by CNR
New Insights into the Stratigraphic Setting of Mediterranean Continental Shelves and Slopes
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Gemma Aiello (CNR-Ismar) Guest Editor of Geosciances Special Issue. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2021
Launching of the NAUTILOS project
Tuesday 13 October 2020
New Approach to Underwater Technologies for Innovative, Low-cost Ocean observation
Crustal structure of Sicily from modelling of gravity and magnetic anomalies
Thursday 08 October 2020
Nature Research Group published an article with the contribution of Ismar-CNR researchers
Neotectonics of the Sea of Galilee (northeast Israel): implication for geodynamics and seismicity along the Dead Sea Fault system”
Monday 20 July 2020
Scientific Reports, a Nature Research Journal, has recently published a paper with Ismar-Cnr contributors
VENICE: The exceptional high sea level event of 12/11/2019
Friday 05 June 2020
Preliminary analysis of the data and description of the phenomenon
COVID-19 lockdown measures reveal human impact on water transparency in the Venice Lagoon
Friday 29 May 2020
By Ismar-CNR researchers in the special issue "COVID-19: Impact by and on the Environment"
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020: Alessandra Conversi introduces the opening plenary speaker Nainoa Thompson
Monday 09 March 2020
The Senior Researcher (CNR-Ismar-Lerici), in her role as co-chair, speaks to a room packed with more than 3000 marine scientists, on Feb 16. Nainoa Thompson is the first native Hawaiian in 600 to practice the ancient Polynesian art of navigation, without the aid of modern instruments. His work has led to the cultural recovery of this navigation tradition, connected to the awareness of the value of ocean resources and of the climate change threat. Film available
3 km deep images from Bremer Canyon (AUS)
Wednesday 19 February 2020
Broadcasted by the Australian Narional TV ABC the interview to P. Montagna
Marmolada Glacier will disappear in 25-30 yrs
Friday 13 December 2019
From a research by CNR-Ismar
SOUNDSCAPE project meeting
Thursday 14 November 2019
Venice from 26th to 29th of November.
Assessing the human footprint on the sea-floor of coastal systems: the case of the Venice Lagoon, Italy
Thursday 06 June 2019
Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, publishes a study by Ismar researchers on the effect of human activity on the sea floor of the Venice Lagoon.
Self-organisation in striped seagrass meadows affects the distributional pattern of the sessile bivalve Pinna nobilis
Thursday 30 May 2019
Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, publishes a study on the distributional pattern of the sessile bivalve Pinna nobilis. CNR-Ismar researcher involved
Lter-Italy on Nature Conservation
Monday 06 May 2019
Special Issue on: talian Long-Term Ecological Research for understanding ecosystem diversity and functioning.
Nature Climate Change: A.Conversi (CNR-Ismar) contributes to the paper on biological shift in the ocean
Thursday 02 May 2019
Prediction of unprecedented biological shifts in the global ocean
Scientific Reports: Study of Ismar researchers on a novel bivalves biotope in the Gulf of Naples
Monday 04 March 2019
"A unique and threatened deep water coral-bivalve biotope new to the Mediterranean Sea offshore the Naples megalopolis"
The hidden part of the cryosphere – Ice in caves
Monday 04 March 2019
The EGU Blogs, Cryospheric Science Division, publishes a post by R. Colucci, CNR-Ismar
The Italy Croatia ECOSS project kicks off
Thursday 28 February 2019
The Kick-off meeting at the CNR-ISMAR Venice premises (Tesa 104 – Arsenale, Castello 2737/F) from 12th to 14th March 2019.
Terzo convegno dei geologi marini italiani dal titolo “La Geologia marina in Italia”
Tuesday 19 February 2019
21-22 febbraio 2019, Sala Marconi e Digital Gallery, CNR - Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7 - Roma
Project marGnet: Mapping and recycling of marine litter and Ghost nets on the sea-floor
Wednesday 16 January 2019
Project submitted by CMR-Ismar to the European Commission passed the evaluation Phase
Venise, le défi technologique (Venice, the technological challenge)
Thursday 13 December 2018
Documentary on France 5. Davide Tagliapietra (Cnr-Ismar) shows Ismar's activities. 13 December 2018 and online replies until 20 December
Threatened species drive the strength of the carbonate pump in the northern Scotia Sea
Monday 26 November 2018
Paper with the contribution of F.Giglio (Cnr-Ismar)
AdriaMORE Project approved
Tuesday 13 November 2018
CNR-Ismar partner of the Iterreg Project Italy-Croatia co-funded by the European Union
Rosalia Santoleri new Ismar Director
Friday 09 November 2018
Rosalia Santoleri appointed acting Director of the renewed Institute of Marine Sciences
Early Career Scientist Awards of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG)
Tuesday 06 November 2018
Katrin Schroeder (Cnr-Ismar) will be awarded the prestigious recognition
Land subsidence in coastal cities
Monday 15 October 2018
ISMAR-CNR involved in the project: “Impact, Mechanism, Monitoring of Land Subsidence in Coastal cities (IM2LSC)”.
Special issue with the contribution of Ismar authors
Sunday 19 August 2018
Antarctic silverfish: a keystone species in a changing ecosystem. Edited by: Vacchi M; Pisano E; Ghigliotti L. Book Series: Advances in Polar Ecology. Springer
39 years of directional wave recorded data and relative problems
Wednesday 18 July 2018
The Nature Group journal publishes the article by A.Pomaro et al. (CNR-Ismar)
Permafrost conditions in the Mediterranean region since the Last Glaciation
Wednesday 04 July 2018
The journal (I.F. 7.5) releases the article with the contribution of R. Colucci (CNR-Ismar)
ARICE Calls for Ship Time 2018
Monday 23 April 2018
Open until July the call to access the icebreaker vessels in Arctic
Ross Sea Working Group: 1st Meeting
Monday 23 April 2018
Pdf available the Southern Ocean Observing System Report of the meeting held in Shangai
EGU Photo Competition 2018: Ismar researcher awarded
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Luigi Vigliotti's shot (CNR-Ismar) among the three winners in the EGU General Assembly competition
Nature Communications: article with the contribution of T. Tesi (Ismar-CNR)
Friday 09 March 2018
Terrestrial Organic Carbon role to the regulation of atmospheric CO2 and climate warming
G cube cover to Ismar-CNR paper
Thursday 22 February 2018
On January issue, the paper by Trua, Marani, Gamberi on the Marsili Volcano
Glider TERESA in the Western Mediterranean Sea
Friday 17 November 2017
Successfully completed the second mission
Scientific Reports: CNR-Ismar researchers paper on temperature trend in the Sicily Channel
Thursday 22 June 2017
"Rapid response to climate change in a marginal sea. "
Italian Absolute Offshore Championship 2017
Tuesday 20 June 2017
CNR-Isar provides the surface currents forecast on the regatta area
Scientific Reports: CNR-Ismar researchers study "le tengùe "
Wednesday 10 May 2017
A study on the origin of the coral formation in the Venice Gulf, "le tengùe"
Glider mission in the Western Mediterranean Sea
Thursday 20 April 2017
Within the framework of a collaboration between CNR-ISMAR and SOCIB
Lifewatch is now ERIC
Thursday 06 April 2017
The European Commission has granted the status of "European Research Infrastructure Consortium" to the infrastructure on biodiversity. CNR-Ismar involved since the beginning
JERICO-NEXT: Second Call for Transnational access to coastal observatories and supporting facilities
Tuesday 21 March 2017
The H2020 JERICO-NEXT project is offering transnational access to coastal observatories and supporting facilities. The second call is open from February 20 to April 10, 2017.
Photocontest 'Underwater Photography' 2016
Monday 13 March 2017
Marco Faimali (Ismar-Cnr) silver medalist among over 5000 shots
Scientific Reports: CNR-Ismar researchers study on seismic hazards
Monday 27 February 2017
Seismic Hazards Implications of Uplifted Pleistocene Coral Terraces in the Gulf of Aqaba
DANUBIUS-RI project: Kick-off meeting
Thursday 26 January 2017
Preparatory Phase for the Pan-European Research
Thursday 19 January 2017
The kick-off meeting of the INTERREG MED CO-EVOLVE project took place in Komotini (Greece) on 12-13 January 2017
Ballast Water Management for Adriatic Sea
Wednesday 11 January 2017
F. Garaventa (CNR-Ismar) interviewed by TTM on the new international rules regarding ballast water management
"Italica" ship departed for Antarctica
Tuesday 03 January 2017
The expedition scientific coordinator is L. Langone, CNR-Ismar
The Mediterranean Plastic Soup
Monday 19 December 2016
Scientific Report: CNR-Ismar researchers (A.Mineo, M. Magaldi, S. Aliani) on microplastics in the Medeterranean Sea
CNR-Ismar researchers departing for Antarctica
Wednesday 07 December 2016
From Bologna and Ancona within the XXXII PNRA italian expedition. December 31st, 2016
Special issue of the Rendiconti Lincei: Rendiconti Lincei "Environmental Changes in the Arctic: an Italian Perspective"
Monday 19 September 2016
Among the editors L. Langone (CNR-Ismar)
MCED Award 2016 a Marianna Taffi, PhD at CNR-Ismar
Wednesday 14 September 2016
The International Society for Ecological Modelling Award for the contribution in the text book: Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics
Ocean Science Special Issue
Friday 24 June 2016
"Oceanographic processes on the continental shelf: observations and modeling". Lead Guest Editor: Sandro Carniel (CNR-ISMAR)
Journal of Operational Oceanography Special Issue: Ismar contributions
Wednesday 15 June 2016
Proceedings of the 3rd Italian GNOO Conference on operational oceanography, innovative technologies and applications
Tuesday 14 June 2016
Good mention of GEBCO and the Forum for Future Ocean Floor Mapping in The Economist. M. Rovere (CNR-Ismar) among the organizers
Cascading Dense water Flow and its Impact on the Sea Floor in the Adriatic and Aegean Sea, Eastern Mediterranean
Friday 03 June 2016
Special Issue - Guest Editors: J. Chiggiato, K. Schroeder and F. Trincardi (CNR-Ismar)
Future of seas & Oceans to G7 Science and Technology Ministers
Tuesday 17 May 2016
A report has been presented by international experts at Japan meeting. Among them F.Boero (CNR-Ismar Associate) cooperates in "Marine Ecosystem Degradation"
JPI OCEAN EPHEMARE project web site now on line
Friday 13 May 2016
M. Faimali (CNR-Ismar) in the Consortium
JERICO-NEXT: First Call for Transnational access to coastal observatories and supporting facilities
Sunday 01 May 2016
The H2020 JERICO-NEXT project is offering transnational access to coastal observatories and supporting facilities. The first call is open from May 2 to June 20, 2016.
March 2016: Two papers on Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Friday 08 April 2016
The contribution of Ismar researchers
Flows project
Wednesday 16 March 2016
CNR-Ismar involved in study on geological hazards in southern European seas
Atlas of the Mediterranean seamounts and seamount-like structures
Friday 05 February 2016
Book by Marzia Rovere (CNR-Ismar) and Maurizio Wurtz
CNR_ISMAR researchers are departing for Antarctica
Tuesday 12 January 2016
As part of the XXXI Italian expedition in Antarctica PNRA .
Alessandro Sarretta (CNR-Ismar) among the "New fellows for 2016 Institute for Open Leadership"
Monday 07 December 2015
Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, 14-18 March, 2016
Venice Declaration on Mediterranean Sea Cooperation
Tuesday 20 October 2015
Launching a Strategic Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation Agenda for Blue Growth
The demise of Giovanni Bortoluzzi
Tuesday 06 October 2015
It disappears with him an important part of the history of the CNR-Ismar
The tectonics of West-Mediterranean-Tyrrhenian Oceanic Opening
Thursday 01 October 2015
By Carlo Savelli, CNR-Ismar, the paper on the September 22nd issue of the Nature Gruop journal
Best Young Researcher Award to Marianna Tafi del CNR-Ismar
Friday 11 September 2015
The prestigious ISEM award at the promising young PhD researcher joint between Camerino and CNR-ISMAR of Ancona and at the valuable collaboration with Nicola Paoletti, researcher at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford under the supervision of Mauro Marini and Sandra Pucciarelli.
Online Life + “Efficientship” project web site
Tuesday 01 September 2015
"Best Life Environment award" to EnvEurope
Thursday 11 June 2015
The recognition to the project coordinated by Ismar, on June 4 in Brussels
First time within the Perth Canyon
Wednesday 03 June 2015
CNR press release and media reaction to the research conducted by University of Western Australia together with researchers from CNR-Ismar
Monday 18 May 2015
A common platform for the study of ocean-atmosphere interface processes
Francis P. Shepard Medal a Enrico Bonatti (CNR-Ismar)
Monday 11 May 2015
The Ceremony on June 2, 2015 , during the SEPM Annual Meeting held in Denver, CO.
From hotspots to nets
Friday 24 April 2015
Documentary film as a part of the outreach CoCoNet program
Towards Sustainable Fisheries Management
Monday 13 April 2015
Published by Nova Science Publisher the book by CNR-Ismar and NIOF researchers : A.Lucchetti, A.Sala, S.Kholeif, E.Notti
Alternative Solutions for Driftnet Fisheries
Wednesday 25 March 2015
The Report by A. Sala (CNR-Ismar) requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Fisheries
Perth Canyon - Australia: first deep exploration
Tuesday 17 February 2015
CNR-Ismar researchers partecipate in the oceanographic mission coordinated by the University of Western Australia
Wednesday 17 December 2014
East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute (ECSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) and CNR – ISMAR of Ancona, started a basic framework for cooperative researches on energy saving in trawl fisheries.
On the Economic Geology cover Ismar paper
Monday 03 November 2014
On the December issue 2 papers by CNR-Ismar reasearchers. On the cover Bathymetry of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea
Nature "News & Comment" on paper by Ismar researchers regarding Heat Wave Magnitude Index
Thursday 30 October 2014
Paolo Montagna (CNR-Ismar) coauthor of the JGR paper available on line since October.
Lifewatch-Italia Activities Report
Friday 24 October 2014
On Life-Watch Europe site the activity of the last 3 yars. CNR-Ismar involved
EGU announces 2015 awards and medals
Tuesday 14 October 2014
Katrin Schroeder (CNR-Ismar): Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists
Climate change and artificial barrier effects on the Venice Lagoon
Thursday 04 September 2014
Free download up to October 19th the paper from CNR-Ismar colleagues on Ocean & Coast. Manag.
August 2014: numbers of CNR-Ismar high quality papers
Monday 25 August 2014
13 CNR-Ismar papers on ISI Web of Science journals
New jellyfish species identified in Gulf of Venice
Friday 16 May 2014
Thousands of yellow jellyfish were spotted in North Adriatic Sea last year and have since disappeared, F. Boero (CNR-Ismar associate researcher) says
Peering through the ice at a key Antarctic species
Monday 10 March 2014
New Scientist March,11 2014, on Ismar-CNR Silverfish project
Adriatic Ionian Maritime Spatial Planning
Monday 30 December 2013
Starting of the project ADRIPLAN - ( CALL MARE/2012/25 ): CNR-ISMAR will coordinate a consortium of 17 technical and institutional partners .
Ismar paper gains the Research Highlights of Nature Geoscience
Friday 29 November 2013
The paper on the "sunken island tectonic" published on G3 october issue rises Nature Geoscience interest.
Pigafetta 500: ISMAR instruments
Monday 09 September 2013
Video of the installation of physical sensors on Adriatica
Adricosm Star Project
Saturday 18 May 2013
Within the project where Ismar is deeply involved, is now accessible the paper: "Physical, Biochemical and Biological Characterization of Two Opposite Areas in the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea),"
Ismar Photographers
Tuesday 14 May 2013
Many shots by Ismar personnel selected for the final exibition of the photographic contest: RiScatta la Scienza
Education at Big Blu
Wednesday 06 March 2013
The educational stand of the project RITMARE during the 7th edition of Big Blue, the ​​Rome Exhibition of Sea and Boat
Protecting the Mediterranean Sea
Thursday 03 January 2013
An information outlet on Ocean Acidification, Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Se
Sea level rise and the future of an iconic city: Venice
Friday 21 December 2012
In the December issue of Marine Ecosystems & Management Federica Rizzetto (CNR-ISMAR) interviewed on possible interventions to safeguard of Venice
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science: special issue on northern Adriatic
Friday 30 November 2012
Ismar researchers add several papers to the december special issue (vol. 115) of the international multidisciplinary journal devoted to the analysis of saline water phenomena.
role of the LTER network and EnvEurope project
Wednesday 28 November 2012
Dr. Alessandra Pugnetti (with the contribution of many other authors) talk about the potential role as providers on in situ data for GMES services.
Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea
Tuesday 06 November 2012
Paola Malanotte‐Rizzoli and the Pan‐Med Group. Contributing author S.Carniel CNR-ISMAR
Marine Robotics: Conference in Arenzano (GE) september 19-21
Tuesday 18 September 2012
During the 9th IFAC Conference on Manoeuvring and Control of Marine Craft, ISMAR Director introduces RITMARE Project
EnvEurope Article "Harmonious methods" on International Innovation Magazine
Friday 31 August 2012
Alessandra Pugnetti (CNR-ISMAR), Michael Mirtl and Ricardo Díaz-Delgado discuss their work coordinating EnvEurope, a pan-European case study into ecological research methods and monitoring.
Continental Shelf Research, Special Issue on Southern Adriatic
Thursday 09 August 2012
Three Ismar papers on S.I. 44/2012
Coral resilience: Ismar article on the italian edition of Scientific American
Wednesday 01 August 2012
The monthly magazine reports and comments the news on the article recently issued by Nature Climate Change
London Olympics: ISAC e ISMAR (CNR) for sailing races
Wednesday 01 August 2012
The initiative promoted by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV), to provide advanced marine weather forecasts to the Italian boats .
Urania, 20 years of researches in the ocean
Monday 25 June 2012
A memorial video of the oceanographic vessel Urania (CNR) pblished on "L'Almanacco della Scienza del CNR", 20 giugno 2012
Two panel discussions on the role of Marine Protected Areas in the Upper Adriatic
Thursday 17 May 2012
As part of the events connected with the America's Cup the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has organized two round tables. Venzia, Arsenale, 18 and 19 May
ISMAR-CNR for America's Cup World Series in Venice
Tuesday 15 May 2012
Science and sport: The Institute of Marine Science - National Research Council (ISMAR-CNR) involved in the America's Cup
National Research Council becomes a publisher with the brand "CNR Editions"
Friday 04 May 2012
Available at the new website to buy books. Soon the electronic publications in electronic format EPUB
Follow the oceanographic vessel Urania in a scientific expedition
Thursday 03 May 2012
Between 3 and 17 May 2012 three institutes of the CNR, IREA, and ISSIA share the ISMAR CNR research vessel Urania to make some major campaigns in the Adriatic Sea. Follow the expedition from Facebook and Twitter
Ismar Papers on Darwin Magazine
Friday 20 April 2012
The "Polar special edition" of Darwin n.47 contains 3 papers from CNR-Ismar researchers
JERICO OceanBoard
Friday 13 April 2012
JERICO Oceanboard has been recently launched on the project website
LTER Italy on TG3 Leonardo, April 9th
Thursday 12 April 2012
The TV report describes the structure of the network, the main results from the LTER sites and it presents the book on the LTER network. You can see it on LTER Italy web site:
Some corals can resist the oceans acidification
Thursday 05 April 2012
Interview with Paolo Montagna (CNR-Ismar) at
Jerico Project
Thursday 29 March 2012
From "L'almanacco della Scienza del CNR" site, introduction to the project on marine observatories on line
National Geographic chooses a shot by Ismar researcher
Wednesday 28 March 2012
In the last week of March the cover of the National Geographic Italy Facebook page is an image by Marco Faimali CNR-Ismar
Hydrobiologia cover to Ismar paper
Friday 23 March 2012
The Saprobities article by Tagliapietra, Sigovini, Magni published on Hidrobiologia n. 868. By the authors the cover photo as well
Rogue waves
Tuesday 20 March 2012
Article on the italian newspaper "La Stampa" (March, 17, 2012) containing an interview with Luigi Cavaleri former director of CNR-Ismar
The FP7 project JERICO opens transnational access to key coastal research infrastructures in Europe
Monday 19 March 2012
The EU project “JERICO is offering access to key research infrastructures for coastal observations. The first international call is open till April 3rd under the direction of CNR.
Ismar paper on Nature Geoscience
Friday 09 March 2012
Daniele Brunelli is among the authors of "Life in the hydrated suboceanic mantle" on the february issue of the magazine (n.5)
For marine parks and wind farms the future is together
Thursday 01 March 2012
Il Sole 24 ORE article on the debut of the International Project CoCoNet where collaborate CoNisma and Ismar-CNR
An article on Water Resources Research
Thursday 23 February 2012
Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, selects as cover image one of the pictures from the article “A new hydrogeologic model to predict anthropogenic uplift of Venice”
Biofilm: a technological issue
Wednesday 22 February 2012
M.Faimali (CNR-ISMAR) article on on linemagazine. 21 Feb. 2012
EnvEurope Project article on the journal "Sapere"
Monday 06 February 2012
The bimonthly scientific culture journal devoted an article written by Ismar researchers to the project of an European network of environmental impact assessment.
Rising temperatures could create a tsunami in the Arctic
Monday 30 January 2012
The geologist Andrea Camerlenghi at ICREA in the University of Barcelona engaged in Arctic expeditions in 2012 and 2013 to assess possible risks arising from the connections of this chain of events
Ismar research on the Venice Lagoon in an on line article of Hydro International
Tuesday 24 January 2012
The Dutch magazine of web site reports on the Ismar monitoring and researches of the Venice Lagoon
New species in the deep sea
Tuesday 17 January 2012
The expedition of the British research vessel James Cook uncovered on the seabed in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean the deepest hydrothermal vent ever observed
The first intra-terrestrial life forms are microorganisms that live at great depths
Tuesday 10 January 2012
Daniele Brunelli (CNR Ismar-BO) interview to ANSA and other newspapers
Seminar: The importance of cascading in dense water of Eastern Greenland
Monday 09 January 2012
Jan, 9th, 2.00 PM. Centro Enea di S. Teresa (SP). Marcello Magaldi (ISMAR-Sp/CNR)
Mediterranean Sea Climate and Environmental Change
Tuesday 20 December 2011
An information outlet on Ocean Acidification, Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Sea
Maritime Forum by the European Commission: Newsletter Corner
Thursday 15 December 2011
The Maritime Forum NewsletterCorner is active on the Forum. You will find it in the right hand corner of the front page.
Earth Magazine: comment on Ismar research
Friday 09 December 2011
Earth Magazine, november 2011, p.16, "Birds’ Eye “Movie” Might Help Venice Marshland " on Rizzetto-Tosi studies in the Venice Lagoon
"Science" Editors' Choice on Ismar cruise in the Red Sea
Friday 25 November 2011
R/V Urania cruise in the Red Sea along with M.Ligi (ISMAR) et al. paper published on Geology, as Editors' Choice in Science vol. 334, November 11th, 2011
New links between science and society. The National Research Council, a crossroads of Italian culture.
Thursday 17 November 2011
The presentation of the new volume is the theme of the Campus Colloquium on November 24, room 105 at 11. Research Area of ​​CNR in Bologna.
"Le Scienze" promotes the italian researchers
Thursday 10 November 2011
Web service of the italian dissemination magazine, where new peer reviewed papers by italian researchers are presented
BALWOIS 2012 - Abstract submission deadline is POSTPONED to NOV, 20th
Thursday 10 November 2011
Time is extended to novembre 20th to send abstracts to the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Water, Climate and Environment in Ohrid, Macedonia
NOAA, NASA: Significant ozone hole remains over Antarctica
Friday 21 October 2011
The Antarctic ozone hole, which yawns wide every Southern Hemisphere spring, reached its annual peak on September 12, stretching 10.05 million square miles
The Language of the Research. Wednesday, October, 19th. Bologna. CNR Research Area
Tuesday 18 October 2011
The CNR Congress Hall will host the VIII annual Conference of the "Scientific Outreach Project", directed to high scholl students
Video: "Look who's researching: The Sea"
Tuesday 27 September 2011
Web broadcoast to give voice to the italian research. "Sea Research " is the present topic. Interview with Caterina Bergami (ISMAR-CNR)
Italy and Corea allies at the Poles
Friday 16 September 2011
The DTA organized in Inchean (South Korea) at the headquarters of the partners Korea Polar Research Institute, a joint workshop on polar research. The Italian delegation was led by the Director of the DTA-CNR Enrico Brugnoli and included ISMAR researchers engaged in Svalbard Islands
"Darwin" n. 48: Special on Mediterranean
Thursday 15 September 2011
Three papers from Ismar researchers make up most of the special that "Darwin" journal dedicates to the unknown Mediterranea Sea
On line the ecotoxicology handbook "Batteries of ecotoxicological assays for salt and brackish water sediments" (in italian)
Thursday 08 September 2011
Born from a collaboration between CNR and ISPRA "The Ecotoxicology Handbook" inaugurates a new series of ISPRA manuals , now an operational need to confirm on the application of ecotoxicological methods. Authors: Renato Baudo (CNR–ISE), Marco Faimali (CNR–ISMAR), Fulvio Onorati (ISPRA) e David Pellegrini (ISPRA).
CNR at the North Pole
Monday 05 September 2011
Sky TG24 broadcasts an interview with Ismar researchers at the Svalbard Islands Site
Ismar at RAI Radio 2
Tuesday 23 August 2011
During the broadcast of "Miracolo Italiano" an interview with M.Faimali regarding the state of the sea and Ismar role.
An offshore lab
Sunday 21 August 2011
Article on the CNR ligurian lab-buoy on the italian newspaper "Repubblica" (16/8/2011)
"Bricole" from wood to plastic
Saturday 13 August 2011
On "La Nuova Venezia" (italian newspaper) an interview to D.Talgiapietra (ISMAR) regarding the new polyurethane poles in the Venice Lagoon: is it vanishing one of the iconographic symbols of Venice?
New Ismar videos
Friday 12 August 2011
Interviews and presentations of 2011 Ismar scientific activity
Impact Factor 2010 now on line
Tuesday 09 August 2011
Available on ISI Web of Knowledge site the updates of the 2010 impact factor of international journals
At Geo Magazine (RAI 3) An in-depth on the first episode on jellyfish.
Monday 01 August 2011
Marco Castellazzi interviews Ferdinando Boero, professor of zoology at the University of Salento-CoNISMa and associated with CNR-ISMAR (07/19/11). Two more episodes will follow.
Marco Faimali to "Doctors at the forefront", La7 TV channel on jellyfish risk
Thursday 28 July 2011
Dr. Marco Faimali from ISMAR-Genoa, presents on La7 Tv channel the collaboration between ISMAR and Aquarium of Genoa
China, submersile reaches 5000 mt.
Wednesday 27 July 2011
Italian Tg2. 20.30, July 26th: Marco Taviani talks about possible consequences of exploring the latest marine depths
Monday 18 July 2011
IOC has adopted the release 3.0 of TEOS-10 as the official description of seawater and ice properties in marine science.
ISMAR in the Arctic Sea
Monday 18 July 2011
Available on video a production by journalist Massimo Pasotti featuring the ISMAR-CNR expedition at Svalbard Islands
L'Espresso - "Sharks in the Ionian Sea"
Saturday 02 July 2011
The photojournalist Jacopo Pasotti published on the italian weekly magazine L'Espresso of this week an article on the Oceanographic campaign Obama. Committed researchers Ismar.
Conference "From Equal Opportunities Committee to the Committee of Guarantee". Rome, July 5
Thursday 30 June 2011
Organized by CNR at its headquarters in Via Aldo Moro 7, Roma, Aula Marconi. 9.30 am
TG5 interview on jellyfish allarm and sea warming
Wednesday 25 May 2011
Marco Faimali, ISMAR-CNR researcher, interviewed by TG5 on may 23rd on the effects of sea warming and jellyfish growing. Go inside to watch the interview
Night of the researchers. September 2011 in 15 italian cities
Monday 16 May 2011
Following the growing partecipation in the first two editions, the 2011 event will see the cooperation of many research centres and local governaments to celebrate 150 years since Unification of Italy. Bologna opens the show / exhibit "A Matter of... chemistry"
AIV proposals for the summer 2011
Wednesday 27 April 2011
AIV (Italian Association of Volcanology) offers different proposals in the 2011 summer: among them courses for young researchers
Adriatic Mediterranean Festival
Thursday 21 April 2011
Cultural initiative (UE funded Project ) of conferences and concerts in Ancona, Macerata and Urbino, to share experiences between Marche region and Turkey. On May 10th, contributions by ISMAR Ancona researchers .
Tsunami in Japan
Tuesday 15 March 2011
In addition to some television interviews, ISMAR researchers opinions have been collected on some websites. The earthquake and aftershocks noise recorded under the sea.
A biosensor for the environment. And industry
Friday 04 March 2011
Alvis: new electrochemical sensor for biofilm monitoring and water treatment optimization. Published by he journal "Science Almanac", the fortnightly issue online by the Press Office of the CNR.
In memoriam Angelo Libertini
Saturday 26 February 2011
Zoologica Baetica, Journal of Zoology of the University of Granada includes a memory of Angelo Libertini by two German researchers: Traudl Krapp-Schickel e Franz Krapp
ICAN receives the portal "Atlas Lagoon of Venice"
Thursday 17 February 2011
Venice Local Governament, together with ISMAR, accomplishes a membership with the International Coastal Atlas Network fot the outreach of the web portal "Atlas Lagoon of Venice".
A climatologist to the North Pole
Tuesday 18 January 2011
The january issue of GEO Magazine reports an article on the ISMAR expedition to the Svalbard Island to study the effects of global warming on the Gulf Current
Secrets Beneath the Ice
Tuesday 28 December 2010
Antarctica video broadcasted on US NET Television: Secrets Beneath the Ice, on ANDRILL project
UK science will be judged on impact
Monday 20 December 2010
Pilot scheme paves way for university research to be awarded on the basis of society benefits.
Ostend Declaration
Wednesday 01 December 2010
Approved by the European marine and maritime research community during the EurOCEAN 2010 Conference last october 13th.
From Global to Regional: Local Sea Level Rise Scenarios
Wednesday 17 November 2010
Scientific Workshop “From Global to Regional: Local Sea Level Rise Scenarios”. Palazzo Zorzi. Venice, Italy. 22-23 November 2010
KASSANDRA: Storm Surge forecasting system for the Mediterranean Sea
Monday 15 November 2010
The Kassandra storm surge forecasting system for the Mediterranean Sea is now on-line.
DVD Review: The fascination of the sea
Friday 12 November 2010
The DVD "Mare Nostrum" reviewed by the journal "Science Almanac", the fortnightly issue online by the Press Office of the CNR
DVD on line
Monday 25 October 2010
Under "Promotional films" in "Outreach" is on line the DVD: " Il fascino del mare e l'esplorazione del "Mare Nostrum" by ISMAR-CNR
E’ stato pubblicato il testo didattico “micro&MACRO Mare: dalle alghe alle balene”
Sunday 24 October 2010
Il volume, scritto a più mani da ricercatori dell'Istituto di Scienze Marine e dell'Istituto di Biofisica del CNR, verrà presentato il 6 novembre alle 17:00 presso l’auditorium del Museo di Storia Naturale “G. Doria” di Genova come conferenza programmata all’interno del programma del Festival della Scienza 2010.
Science Festival within the Biennale of Mediterranean
Wednesday 13 October 2010
The Science Festival is the main event of the Biennale of the Mediterranean to be held in Genoa on the initiative of the Foreign Office. ISMAR will attend the Festival in a joint effort with the CNR Research Area of Bologna with a laboratory that reproduces the experience of the project "The language of research"
Inter-calibration exercise for grain size analyses in sediments
Monday 11 October 2010
Few days are left to apply for the "Inter-calibration Exercise for Grain Size Analyses in Sediments" (see attached leaflet), jointly organised by Università Ca'Foscari di Venezia, Gruppo CSA di Rimini, ISMAR, ARPA Emilia Romagna, SO Daphne, IAMC e ISPRA
Ready the first issue of the AIOL journal
Wednesday 22 September 2010
The first issue of the AIOL journal Advances in Oceanography and Limnology, is now ready. The official journal of the Italian Association of Oceanogaphy and Limnology takes place of the old Proceedings. Several ISMAR researchers are included in the Editorial Board
Andrea Argnani (ISMAR - Bologna) awarded by the Italian Geological Society
Friday 10 September 2010
During the 85° Congress of the Italian Geological Society (Pisa, september 6-8, 2010) Andrea Argnani has been awarded for the most valuable article in 2009 on the Society journals
On line: Habitat Paper n. 23: Lagoons, estuaries and deltas. A border between rivers and sea.
Monday 23 August 2010
Information to increase the knowledge on the Venice Lagoon ecosystem. Ministry for the Environment, in cooperation with the Friulian Muesum of Natural History.
The Tunguska Mistery at Superquark (RAI UNO): 9.20 pm, August 26th 2010
Monday 09 August 2010
The popular television programme will deal with the new scenario of the 1908 explosion resulting from the italian expedition which involved ISMAR-CNR researchers
Ready the volume: Methods of Study of Marine Plankton
Monday 09 August 2010
After many tribulations, the Committee of plankton SIBM 2007-2009 will be able to finish editing the book "Methods of study of marine plankton" released in the series Manuals and Guidelines 56/2010, sponsored by ISPRA and SIBM.
An italian ship working on the secrets of the marine depths
Friday 30 July 2010
In the august 2010 issue of National Geographic Italy, an article on the CNR oceanographic ship Urania and on the studies carried out on the Mediterranean abyss from ISMAR researchers
Opening ceremony of the new Headquarter of the Institute of Marine Sciences.
Tuesday 08 June 2010
On Friday 11 at 17:30, at the Venetian Arsenal, there will be the opening ceremony of the new Headquarter of the Institute of Marine Sciences.
The Mediterranean Science Commission in Venice
Friday 07 May 2010
10 to 14 May 2010, Venice, Palazzo del Cinema - 39th International Congress of CIESM
Special Issue of the journal "Continental Shelf Research"
Thursday 06 May 2010
In May 2010 a special issue on “Coastal Morphodynamics of Venice Lagoon and its Inlets” will be published in the journal “Continental Shelf Research”.
The Sea at the Talon park.
Saturday 16 January 2010
When -10 million years ago- Casalecchio was underwater.
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