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Video: "Look who's researching: The Sea"

Web broadcoast to give voice to the italian research. "Sea Research " is the present topic. Interview with Caterina Bergami (ISMAR-CNR)

Tuesday 27 September 2011


In each episode an Italian researcher talks about his studies and his discoveries, but also of his childhood dreams, the road he has done up to this point and its masters.

"Look who's researching" is an intimate and attentive gaze to the search and its subjects.
In this episode we talk about paleoclimatic, paleoceanographic and environmental changes with Catherine  Bergami and Mariangela Ravaioli (ISMAR CNR Bologna)

The question with which we start is How is important to understand what happens to our water?"

See other episodes (15) at the link The researchers night (italian spoken)

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