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China, submersile reaches 5000 mt.

Italian Tg2. 20.30, July 26th: Marco Taviani talks about possible consequences of exploring the latest marine depths

Wednesday 27 July 2011

China, submersile reaches 5000 mt.

The Chinese submarine Jiaolong (named after a mythological dragon) does not stop. A few days after the  immersion at 4,000 meters, the crew Chinese crossed the depth of 5.000mt. The 11,000 meters of Piccard’s and Walsh’s Trieste seems quite far. But what effects will emerge from a project conducted within the scope of China's efforts to exploit the natural resources of the ocean?

Marco Taviani, ISMAR researcher for years engaged in the exploration of the ocean floor, responding to Tg2 of 20:30, 26 July.

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