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Lecture by Prof. Mario Giordano (University of Ancona) April 19th 11 a.m. ISMAR-VE
Thursday 12 April 2012
How to sweet talk a microalga into eating what you want and making what you want (from CO2 biofixation to biodiesel production)
Coast Expo 2011 / Coast Protection Exhibition 2nd Edition
Sunday 25 September 2011
Ferrara (Italy) - 28th, 29th, 3oth september 2011. The state of the art of management of coast.
"Un'idea di mare". Venice June-November 2011
Saturday 24 September 2011
An exhibition curated by Anna Caterina Bellati Fabio Trincardi Roberto Zonta. Inauguration 3rd June, in Venice, Caserma Cornoldi, Castello 4142
Introducing the Lagoon Atlas. Venice, February, 3rd
Saturday 08 January 2011
A shared portal for access to environmental data. Thursday,february 3rd, 2011 - 9 am to 1 pm. Auditorium Santa Margherita
Conference in Trieste, december 2-3, 2010
Wednesday 24 November 2010
Temporal variations and trends in meteorological and oceanographic characteristics of the northern Adriatic: the situation in the Gulf of Trieste.
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