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Thursday 11 May 2017
CNR-Ismar involved in the Shezead Dawood exhibition (starting May 7 at he Palazzina Canonica, Riva dei Sette Mari, Venezia. From 11 to 14 May talks by Ismar researchers
Climate change and global economy
Monday 10 October 2016
Here available the slides of the conference held at Ismar-Venezia by Klaus Hasselmann, former Director of Max Plank Institute fur Meteorologie. October 6th 2016.
Recent unprecedented state of eastern Mediterranean Sea within the last millennium
Friday 03 June 2016
Seminar by: Aldo Shemesh (The Weizmann Institute of Science) Bologna 24 June 2016, ore 11.00
(Non)-tectonic deformations
Friday 11 March 2016
Seminar by: Dr. Andrea Billi (IGAG-CNR) Bologna 31 March 2016, 11:00 am
Plankton in the sea, plankton in the net, plankton in the wallet
Thursday 07 January 2016
Seminar: Domenico D'Alelio (Department of Integrative Marine Ecology - Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli. Bologna January 21 2016, 11:00 am
VIRTUAL LABORATORY E WEB SERVICE: new instruments in environmental research
Monday 02 November 2015
Monday 28 September 2015
Prof. Jerry McManus, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Columbia University. Bologna September 29th, 02:30 PM
Predictive Habitat Modeling of cold-water coral distribution
Monday 14 September 2015
Seminar: Annaelle Bargain. Bologna, september 16 : 11.00
Wednesday 27 May 2015
L. Vigliotti: A climatic and environmental history of the last 600.000 years. Bologna sede CNR-Ismar, June, 12ve
A new view of the ocean using sound: seismic oceanography
Tuesday 19 May 2015
Ismar Seminars. Lecturer: Berta Biescas Gorriz (ISMAR-Venezia). Bologna June, 3rd 2015
Oceanographic campaign in the Mid Atlantic Ridge
Monday 04 May 2015
C. Palmiotto. Bologna June, 26
Friday 10 April 2015
Elisabetta Erba (Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra "A. Desio" Università degli Studi di Milano). Bologna May 15, 2015. At 11.00 AM
GeoNode code sprint 2015
Friday 30 January 2015
2 - 5th February 2015 in Venice and Washington DC
Spatial patterns in microscopic organisms: New scenario in biogeography
Sunday 18 January 2015
Diego Fontaneto (ISE), Bologna Ismar local site. Jan 16, 2015. Time: 11:00 am
ECOSEE/A Project
Wednesday 28 May 2014
The first newsletter
Energy audit in fisheries
Thursday 12 December 2013
Campus do Mar Conferences. A. Sala (CNR-Ismar). December 12 - 15.30. Live streaming
Emilia 3 will cross Australia "with the sun"
Thursday 08 August 2013
Unveiled on August 7 at the Ferrari museum in Maranello, Emilia 3, the solar car developed by the Solar Wave Team which includes Marco Bianucci, researcher at CNR-Ismar
Thursday 05 April 2012
Organized by LaMMA Consortium within the EU funded MOMAR project. Livorno, Italy, April 18 – 19, 2012
3rd Marine Board Forum: New technologies for a blue future
Thursday 22 March 2012
Marine Board, Bruxelles, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts, 18 aprile
Geosciences and global changes
Tuesday 20 March 2012
Workshop organized by the Scuola di Dottorato Scienze di base "Galileo Galilei" dell'Università in Pisa. 20 aprile 2012
Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea
Monday 13 February 2012
Bologna, Museo Geologico G. Capellini, Saturday Feb, 18th 2012, 4.30pm. Speaker: Marco Taviani (CNR-Ismar)
Hybris: The limits of man among earth heaven and water
Monday 09 January 2012
A Venetian project by: Alberto Camerotto (Cà Foscari University) e Sandro Carniel (Ismar-VE)
Researchers' Night
Monday 19 September 2011
On september 23rd 21 italian cities are involved in the European event dedicated to the research (32 countries). The opening in Bologna of the exposition "A Matter of Chemistry"
I study the environment. May, 20 Ravenna
Thursday 12 May 2011
At the Palazzo dei Congressi in Ravenna, Environmental Science graduate students present their research results through the display of posters on various environmental issues.
The new structure and the prospects for the National Programme of Antarctic Research. CNR-Rome, March 21
Tuesday 15 March 2011
Live streaming at: Information day on the new structure of the National Programme of Antarctic Research, organized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, CNR and ENEA
ISMAR Lectures
Friday 18 February 2011
At the Bologna section of ISMAR starts a series of lectures open to everyone: students, researchers, staff and external guests. The Fridays of each month will be scheduled from 2 to 4 seminars held by the BO Section.
The role of extreme events in organic matter cycling
Tuesday 07 December 2010
Within the European Geosciences Union general assembly in Vienna april, 3-8, 2011. Conveners: Tommaso Tesi, Kim Jung-Hyun, Anna Sancez-Vidal
Seminar on: “Uniform labelling with stable isotopes: novel prospects for structural biology, proteomics and metabolomics”
Friday 27 August 2010
Lesina, 30 august, 30th, 11.00 am, ISMAR Lesina (FG). Dr. Tatjana A. Egorova-Zachernyuk,
Energy production from biomass in the european union
Wednesday 16 June 2010
On June 18, 2010 at the Lesina (FG) unit of Ismar, Lino Trotta and Matteo Francavilla will present the work: "Algae as biofuels source and the Bio-Refinery approach. The potential of dunaliella tertiolecta and gracilaria verrucosa (ex)"
Workshop on “Ecosystem effects of fishing and technological advances in fisheries”
Thursday 06 May 2010
Workshop organised by CNR-ISMAR of Ancona in the 70th International Fishing Fair
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