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Subsidenza delle città costiere

ISMAR-CNR partecipa al progetto “Impact, Mechanism, Monitoring of Land Subsidence in Coastal cities (IM2LSC)”.

Monday 15 October 2018

Subsidenza delle città costiere


Il progetto è supportato da International Geoscience Programme (IGCP). I partner sono Cina, Egitto, Italia, Indonesia, Olanda. Luigi Tosi di ISMAR-CNR è co-leader del progetto. Al network dei partecipanti possono aderire ricercatori di tutto il mondo.

Land subsidence, as a global geohazard, not only reduces the flood control capacity in urban areas, but also brings security risk and damage to buildings, roads, bridges, rail transits, flood control walls, underground lines, etc. The impact of land subsidence is especially obvious in coastal cities and proximity to shorelines, such as Shanghai and Jakarta, etc., for their low elevation. It’s important and urgent to carry out measures for the prevention and control of land subsidence. In this project, we propose a scientific cooperative program between institutions and researchers to develop better understanding of land subsidence at international level, especially the less developed countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. IM2LSC plans to research the Impacts of human activities and sea-level rise, hydro-Mechanism and Monitoring methods of Land Subsidence in Coastal cities. The project results will be transferred to sites in other developing countries, and recommendations will be released to play an effective role in the planning, construction, management and security assurance for different coastal cities.



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