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Il lato nascosto della Criosfera: Il ghiaccio nelle grotte

Il blog della EGU relativo alla Cryospheric Science Division, pubblica l'intervento di R. Colucci, CNR-Ismar

Monday 04 March 2019

Il lato nascosto della Criosfera: Il ghiaccio nelle grotte

The cryosphere can be found in various places in many forms and shapes… in the atmosphere, on land and sea. A lesser known part of the cryosphere is hidden deep in the dark, in the cold-karstic areas of the planet: Ice caves! The ongoing climate change affecting ice all over the world is now rapidly melting these hidden ice masses as well. We therefore need to hurry up and try to collect as much information as we can before all will melt away (…)

The aim of the Cryospheric Sciences (CR) Division blog of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) is to get the reader excited about all things related to ice, whether it be the tiniest ice crystals, snow drifts, beautiful mountain glaciers or the vast polar ice sheets. The latest fieldwork programmes, research projects or scientific results will be showcased by bloggers from the cryospheric community.

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