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Energy audit in fisheries

Campus do Mar Conferences. A. Sala (CNR-Ismar). 12 dicembre - 15.30. Live streaming

Thursday 12 December 2013

Energy audit in fisheries

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The prospect of sustained high fuel prices has provoked widespread interest in finding energy efficiency strategies to mitigate the overall impact to the fishing sector. Energy efficiency must be the result of a methodological approach. A continuous monitoring of energy performance of the vessel thorough a periodical investigation allows to identify increasing in energy (fuel) consumption. 

An Energy Audit protocol has been conceived and developed at CNR–ISMAR of Ancona (Italy). Vessels have been monitored, through a preliminary interview to the owner and some principal technical information collected. On the basis of the energy layout obtained from the technical information, the measurement system was installed for monitoring fuel consumption, power delivered, speed and course, gear drag, hydraulic and electric power usage. 

The audits resulted in vessel energetic profiles, afterwards heavy energy users identified and possibilities for reducing energy use have been proposed to the vessel owners. Through energetic performance indicators fishing vessels have been characterized during both trawling and sailing conditions. The current energy audits highlighted low propulsion system efficiency, typically with a fixed pitch propeller, mainly during trawling for pelagic pair trawlers.

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