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Anthropogenic-driven changes of ocean biogeochemistry

Seminario di Angela Landolfi (ISMAR-CNR). Organizzato dalla sede di Roma e fruibile on line. Piattaforma Webex 11/6/2020 Ore 11

Monday 08 June 2020

Anthropogenic-driven changes of ocean biogeochemistry

Fixed nitrogen (N) limits productivity across much of the low-and-mid latitude ocean. Changes in the magnitude of its inventory have contributed to the past variability of the air-sea CO2 gas exchange. In this presentation, using an earth system model (ESM) of intermediate complexity (UVic2.9), I will first investigate the global N inventory regulatory mechanisms, which challenge our current paradigms and place important constraints on our efforts to represent the N cycle in models used for climate projections. I will then show how anthropogenic driven perturbations, such as global warming, ocean deoxygenation, and N inputs to the ocean, affect the oceanic fixednitrogen inventory and ocean biogeochemistry exerting a significant influence on the climate system by controlling marine productivity and the oceanic emissions of the green-house-gas N2O.

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