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The Future of the 21st Century Ocean: Marine Sciences and European Research Infrastructures

Europole mer. International Symposium: FRANCE, Brest, Le Quartz: 28 giugno- 1 luglio 2011. Aperte le registrazioni al convegno e la sottomissione degli abstract

Wednesday 09 February 2011

Europole mer
Scope of the symposium:
_Research Infrastructures (RI), corresponding to the long term needs of
the European research communities in marine science, are listed by the
European Commission in the ESFRI (European Strategic Forum for Research
Infrastructures) Roadmap or within the Integrated Infrastructure
Initiatives (I3) of the Framework Program 7. These RIs are major
contributors to the European Research Area with the ongoing support of
national research agencies. RIs are a key component of the GMES (Global
Monitoring for Environment and Security) and the GEOSS (Global Earth
Observation System of  systems).

Europole Mer invites scientists, managers of RIs and stakeholders to
discuss scientific challenges faced by RIs.

Specific programs: EMBRC provides access to models and related genomic
resources of marine organisms. Euro-Argo is the European contribution to
Argo, a global ocean observing system required for climate change
research and operational oceanography. EMSO manages deep seafloor
observatories for continuous monitoring of the environment and for
security. JERICO is a joint European research infrastructure network of
coastal observatories.

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*Deadline per registrazioni e sottomissioni di abstract e poster: 1 Aprile, 2011

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