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Eurofleets Project - Fellowship in experimental Physical Oceanography

Seeking expressions of interest – Fellowship in experimental Physical Oceanography

A competition for a fellowship position is now open, offering an excellent opportunity to work on experimental physical oceanography applied to the study of the dynamical processes and global changes affecting the Mediterranean sea. The aim is to gain practice on the use of a wide variety of measurement platforms, especially Autonomous Underwater Vehicles like GLIDERs, but also fixed underwater observatories like moorings with acoustic current-meter and vertical CTD profilers.

The ideal candidate is expected to have: excellent skill in computer programming (Matlab, Fortran, Python), good experience in management of mechanical and electronic parts of oceanographic instrumentation and in managment & elaboration of in-situ data. The candidate should be available to travel for both collaborations within other European institutions and participation in oceanographic cruises.

The Candidate is required to hold a Master’s degree in one of the following disciplines: Engineering, Computer Sciences, Environmental and Technological Sciences, Nautical Sciences, Physics, Geophysics, Astrophysics and Oceanography. The Examining Committee will evaluate the equivalence of the titles obtained abroad and not jet recognized in Italy with a formal procedure, only for the present selection. For this purpose any list of exams incurred and other material, in addition to the license obtained abroad, are highly required, possibly with an informal english translation in case of different languages.

The successful candidate will be primarily based in Lerici (La Spezia) Italy at the Forte Santa Teresa, hosting the local division of the Institute of Marine Science of National research Council.

The Fellowship comes with an annual stipend of EUR 19,367.00 for a period of one year, with possible renewals for a maximum of 4 years, subject to satisfactory progress.

Applications close: November 28th, 2014.

To apply follow these Links:

CNR Site
Call (Bando) in italian -->
English informal translation -->


Other useful links are:
Annex A and B in Italian (DOC format)
Annex A and B in English (DOC format)
Tips for the applications (mainly meant for non-Italian speakers, but not only...)

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