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Wise 2013

The WISE meeting is organised by chaiman Luigi Cavaleri ( with the assistence of secretary Frances May ( and the local host, varying every year according to the place where the meeting is held. The meeting is held once a year, and this year, 2013, it was at its 20th edition. It was held from 21 to 25 April at NOAA/NCEP premises at College Park, Maryland USA, local host Hendrik Tolman.


The WISE Group (Waves in Shallow Water Environment), a selection including all the world specialists  in advanced wind wave research and its applications, meet once a year to report on the latest achievements and discuss where to go in the future. The presentations are not distributed, done so only upon specific requests to the individual authors. This allows the participants to report on their latest achievements, also if not yet published. The meetings are relatively small, typically between 50 and 60 participants, lasting four days, allowing 30 minutes for each presentation (20-min for the author, 10-min for discussion). This implies more than 35 oral talks are presented, the remainder given as posters that receive considerable attention for the whole four day meeting. Substantial time is allowed for open collective discussion.
The following abstracts describe in a very compact form what discussed at the meeting. The interested reader may find there the subject of interest and the name of the persons to contact for further information.

Abstracts  Index:

Sang Soo Lee      ” Critical-layer analysis of wind-driven oblique surface waves “

Russel P. Morison, Michael J. Banner      ” Wave input and dissipation in WAVEWATCH III and wave breaking and sea spray forecasts “

Andrei N. Pushkarev, Vladimir E. Zakharov      ” Nonlinear generation of surface waves against the wind in a limited fetch growth model “

Alexander Soloviev, Roger Lukas, Mark Donelan, Isaac Ginis      ” The air-sea interface and surface stress in hurricanes “

W.E. Rogers      ” Momentum fluxes: implementation and validation within SWAN and WW3 “

André van der Westhuysen, Roberto Padilla-Hernandez, Pablo Santos, Alex Gibbs      ” Development and validation of the near-shore wave prediction system “

Marissa L.Yates, Michel Benoit      ” Accurate modeling of nonlinear and dispersive waves in the coastal zone “

James Salmon, Leo Holthuijsen      ” Wave breaking in shallow water “

H. Aiki, R.J. Greatbatch      ” A new expression for the form stress term in the vertically Lagrangian mean framework for the effect of surface waves on the upper ocean circulation “

Michael Banner, Christopher Zappa, Johannes Gemmrich      ” Phillips’ spectral framework for ocean whitecaps revisited “

Sergei A. Kitaigorodskii      ” The fundamentals of the modern methods in wind wave forecasting and their use in wave modelling “

H.Joseph Sienkiewicz      ” An overview and demonstration of operations at NCEP's Ocean Prediction Center “

C.J.Zappa, M.L. Banner, C.W.Fairall, R.P.Morison, W.L.Peirson      ” A laboratory study of sea spray from breaking waves. Microphysical droplets, wind and wave properties “

Paul A. Hwang, Mark A. Sletten, Jakov V. Toporkov, Steve P.Menk      ” Measuring wave breaking by radar “

Robert E. Jensen, T.J. Hesser, V. Swail      ” Are wave measurements actually ground truth? “

Miguel Onorato, Peter Janssen, Jean Bidlot      ” On the nonlinear transfer calculation “

Yana Saprikyna, Sergey Kuznetsov, Margarira Shtremel      ” Classification and parameterization of typical scenarios of nonlinear transformation of waves in coastal zone “

Al Osborne      ” Approach to rogue wave prediction using forecasting/hindcasting models for fully directional sea states “

William Perrie, Bash Toulany, Don Resio      ” A two-scale approximation for wave-wave interactions in an operational wave forecast model “

Francesco Fedele, Alvise Benetazzo      ” Space-time extremes of oceanic seas “

Vladimir E. Zakharov, Donald T. Resio, Andrei N. Pushkarev      ” New wind input term consistent with experimental, theoretical and numerical considerations “

George Mellor       ” Surface boundary layers and gravity waves “

P.B. Smit, T.T. Janssen      ” Evolution of coherent interference in random waves “

Vladimir E. Zakharov, Sergei I. Badulin      ” On relaxation due to nonlinear transfer in the wind-wave spectra “

T. Hirobe, T. Waseda, T. Kinoshita, T. Kawamura      ” Spectral broadening of free surface gravity waves as a consequence of resonance and quasi-resonance cascade under influence of wind “

Luigi Cavaleri, Luciana Bertotti, Aron Roland      ” Nested grids: accuracy and problems. Towards the unstructured grids “

J. Monbaliu, H. Ortega      ” Intercomparison of 6 wave models at the Catalan coast “

Hendrik Tolman      ” Wave model updates from NCEP: WAVEWATCH, operations and NOPP “

Richard Gorman      ” Adaptive mesh refinement in spectral wave modelling “

D. Kiefhaber, R. Rocholz, C. Zappa, G. Caulliez, B. Jahne      ” Measurements of wave height and slope statistics using the Reflective Stereo Slope Gauge “

Henry Potter, Clarence O. Collins, Rafael J. Ramos, Willima M. Drennan, Hans C. Graber      ” The influence of waves on momentun fluxes in typhoons “

Michael Schwendeman, Jim Thomson      ” Wave breaking dissipation in a fetch-limited sea “

Zhifei Dong, James T. Kirby      ” Wave-current interaction in strongly sheared mean flows “

Yaron Toledo, Victor Shrira      ” A wave action equation for water waves propagation on vertically sheared flows “

A. Toffoli, L. Bennetts, A. Albarello, M. Meylan, A. Babanin      ” Assessing ice-induced attenuation of water waves in a directional wave basin “

Clarence O. Collins, Henry Potter, Rafael J. Ramos, Hans C. Graber, William M Drennan      ” In situ observations of the spatial variation of waves and momentum flux in typhoons “

Lev Shemer, Dan Liberzon      ” Experiments on kinematics of deep-water breaking waves “

F.J. Ocampo-Torres, H. Branger, P. Osuna      ” Exploring the effect of accelerated winds on the wave growth and the early stage of surface drift in the laboratory “

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